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Turkish delight in different flavours, by Lucumium in
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Lucumium is a part of “The Beautiful Lefkara” Cyprus Delights Industry, and was created in order to supply treats for weddings and christenings to the public.

“The Beautiful Lefkara” Cyprus Delights Industry is a family business which began operating in 1895. From 1895 until today, the management and the production recipes are passed on from father to son. The excellent quality of “The Beautiful Lefkara” Cyprus delights is endorsed by the numerous awards our Cyprus Delights Industry has been granted, both in Cyprus as well as abroad. Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition: 1907, 1909, 1919, and 1936. British Empire Exhibition: 1924 and 1925. International Thessaloniki Exhibition: 1931.

Lucumium can supply a unique treat, beyond the ordinary, in a unique packaging just for you.