A bride can be equally, perhaps even more, sensual and feminine when wearing bridal pants. This is what is revealed with the new trend launched by famous designers, who want the bride to wear wedding dresses influenced by the male wardrobe.

They also offer a wealth of options, thus satisfying the style and personality of each bride. Coverall suits with sensual lace tops that leave the back bare and jumpsuits with a deep neckline and intricate embroidery for the bold, crop tops combined with wide pants for the most modern, tops resembling underwear combined with delicate trousers, bell trousers with lace vests and baggy pants with see-through blouses that leave the shoulders bare for those who adore the 70s … and these are just some of the options that will make you as impressive as a star.

Of course, if you remain hesitant to completely embrace this new trend, you can adopt the style creations that combine the bridal costume with a tail. Finally, let us not forget that even the priestess of style, Amal Alamountin, wore a Stella McCartney white suit when marrying George Clooney in 2014!

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