The Caribbean is famed for its tropical rainforests, idyllic beaches as well as its exotic flavours and cocktails, not to mention the sounds and rhythms of reggae and salsa! These are just a handful of features that can be experienced and savoured by a newly-wed couple on their honeymoon when selecting one or all of the Caribbean islands in our gallery. Each island has what it takes to make you dream about it again and again, no matter how many years go by.

honeymoon Caribbean

Barbados is one of the most fascinating islands of the Caribbean, where you can enjoy a lively nightlife, delicious Creole cuisine and a spectacular tropical hinterland. Besides that, the island is home to more than 365 beaches: one for every day of the year, as the locals proclaim, so be prepared to fill your album with dozens of memories! Amongst them are idyllic beaches including Batt Rock, Paynes Bay, Gibbs Beach, Carlisle Bay, Silversand Beach and Rockley. If you are a diving enthusiast, you will find some of the most fascinating reefs worldwide here, while the beautiful beaches are also ideal for horse riding.
Where to stay: At the luxurious Sandals resort, found at St. Lawrence Gap Beach. It features a spa offering countless hours of relaxation and unique suites with private pools for honeymoon couples; to top it off, each suite has its own butler.

St. Lucia is the most beautiful island of the Lesser Antilles. Here you will ‘’bore yourself’’ (not really) of looking at green-covered landscapes and endless banana plantations, alternating with small traditional villages, tropical beaches and breath taking views.
Where to stay: At Jade Mountain, which is one of the most incredible resorts you’ll ever come across. Each room is made up of only three walls and a private pool offering stunning panoramic views of the beautiful Caribbean. The truth is that you will never want to leave!

Two beautiful islands make up an exotic country, which every August dances to the rhythms of reggae and soka, drinking beer and rum, celebrating its independence with a carnival. On both islands holidaymakers can visit many attractions (mostly remnants of British colonialism) and enjoy drinks made from coconut and blackcurrant. A definite must-visit is Kodrigkton Lake in Barbuda, where the world’s largest Natural Reserve of frigatebirds lies.
Where to stay: At Hermitage Bay, the all-inclusive resort that resembles an earthly paradise. Individual villas with private pools await, providing relaxation and romantic dinners just for two on empty beaches.

Puerto Rico, which means rich harbour, is another large island bordering the Caribbean Sea. You will be charmed by the rhythms of salsa and get tipsy drinking piña coladas (both originate from the island) as well as experience a dreamy holiday on beautiful beaches. If you are more adventurous, the island is ideal for diving, climbing and anything else you can imagine. Note however: the best time to visit the island is from mid-December to late April, as there is sunshine and no hurricanes!
Where to stay: The luxurious St. Regis Bahia resort, which was included in this year’s Condé Nast Traveller’s Hot & Gold List for the third consecutive year. The hotel was built on the beach and is located inside the national park.

Anguilla is home to idyllic coastlines, endless turquoise and luxurious accommodation. Anguilla is in fact British, and is home to many separate and exotic spots and landmarks that every newlywed couple will fall in love with.
Where to stay: At the Viceroy, the most glam hotel found on the island, which was designed by famous designer, Kelly Wearstler. Only then will you live the ultimate dream as you daydreaming over the amazing sandy beach Meads Bay.

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