the bridesmaids help the bride with wedding dress

One of the most special bridal moments in a wedding is the transformation into a bride before the ceremony. It is also the moment she comes closer to her best friends. And because it’s very important you remain calm and focused, adopt the following tips to transform your room in a dressing room filled with positive energy.

προετοιμασία νύφης

There is no rule which requires that you must dress as a bride in front of your mother and all your kin, as well as the groom’s family. That moment you get dressed should be relaxed and calm, as should be the environment in which you get ready. Therefore, do not hesitate to express your wish to have just two people with you in your room or to be left completely alone.

makeup and hair preparation on the wedding day

If the makeup artist and hairstylist will come to you, make sure they have everything they need. Natural light or even good lighting is very essential as well as having various mirrors (at least one that shows your whole body) and space where they can place their tools.

bride's party before the wedding

The entire process of a bride getting ready can take time. So make certain you have your favourite tunes to keep up your happy mood.

bridal shower party with their friends and drinking cocktails

Many brides like to make a quick toast with champagne with their friends while they are getting ready. A glass of champagne is not a problem. But more than one may lead to unwanted results… for all of you.

protain balls
mini sandwiches

It is a good idea to have a platter with sandwiches or snacks in your room. Even if you’re a little bit too nervous to eat, you should fill your stomach with something to give you energy.

wedding planner

Assign someone to organize the rest. Either the wedding planner, maid of honour or a family member should watch the time and give instructions to avoid any delays.

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