To host the perfect wedding all you need is a good mood and great organisational skills. In fact, if you follow the steps below, it is certain that you will get exactly what you want!

The key is to start your wedding preparations well before the big day. Buy a binder to keep all your paperwork for the church, the wedding reception and guests, gathered in one place so you do not have to keep looking for information. Also keep a notebook for your notes and comments. You can also do the latter by using specific apps on your smart devices, some of which are exclusively for weddings.

Set your budget and try to stick to it.  It is best to know exactly how much money you have available rather than be shocked and surprised when it is too late.

Decide on the number of guests you want to invite at both the wedding reception and dinner, which will largely determine your budget.

In order to have options and book the church you prefer, especially if you want your wedding to take place in spring or summer, you should start looking for the church a year before.

You need to decide on the reception venue well in advance, as well as the dinner venue, always having in mind the number of guests, in order to establish the venues you want are available on the date you want.

Entrust the experts concerning all aspects of the wedding from the organisation process to the décor and catering as well as the photography, makeup and music. No matter the good intentions your relatives and friends have, if they are not professionals you will not have the desirable result you want.

Before making a deal with a professional, research market prices and tell suppliers that your budget is 10% lower than the budget you have set.

A wedding costs a lot of money, which is normally shared between the bride, the groom, and their families. Who will pay what is a matter that should be determined from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and to calculate the budget efficiently.

Do not turn down help from relatives who want to share your joy. Get them to take care of something that you may not have the time to do, but remember that the final decision will be yours.

Do not compare prices when looking for a reception venue or catering, but compare what they offer at their price. Each supplier and professional offers different services, quality and quantity. Something that you may have considered as expensive in the beginning may be worth much more in the end.

Make a plan of your wedding day stating who should be where at what time, including the make-up artist, the hairdresser, the photographer, the DJ, the catering company, the car, the best men/bridesmaids and parents. You should also include the time you need to be at the church, how much time you will spend on the photo shoot and all the details.

All the planning will reward you with a great day you will enjoy with your family and friends. Your ultimate goal is to host a remarkable wedding!

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