You may have never thought of combining pink with red in a bridal bouquet. However, if you want a modern bouquet, you will definitely adore this colour combination since it is one of the latest trends. Take a peek at several distinct and fresh ideas.

Here is a bouquet with pink, red and white flowers in full bloom with small touches of green leaves. It fits classic brides that will wear a laced wedding dress.

If your wedding dress is shiny, choose an abstract-shaped bouquet and add red berries and flowers in pink, ivory and reddish soft tones.

A light bouquet that comprises of peony in pink and red shades, framed with greenery. This suits simplicity-orientated brides.

A bouquet, tied with a ribbon, combining roses and peony. The orange rose is what you need to break the monotony of the pink and red shades of the other flowers.

A bulky and loose bouquet, with flowers and berries in pink and red shades is ideal for bohemian brides. 

A fuchsia and pink peony bouquet filled with cherries is ideal for the most daring, romantic brides that want to impress.

If you are one of those brides who wants to stand out and be different, but also likes vintage, then use flowers in frosty and dull colours to make your bouquets.

This is a small-sized bouquet that combines flowers in dark shades of pink, red and green to exude a mysterious flair.

This is a small waterfall-shaped bouquet created with flowers in burgundy and candy pink shades as well as greenery. The silk ribbon is left to hang loose and long on purpose since it is one of the hottest trends of the season.

When passionate red is combined with pale pink to create a large-sized bouquet, the result is impressive, especially when the bride is wearing a pure white wedding dress.

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