“Show me your wedding dress, and I’ll tell you which bouquet to hold!” is what a skilled florist would tell you. That’s because the dress might play the most decisive role when choosing a wedding bouquet. Take a look below at what type of bouquet suits each type of wedding dress, to make sure your bride ‘style’ will be flawless…

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη σε σχήμα καταρράχτη, από ένα μόνο είδος λουλουδιών

If the dress is rich in furan, the bouquet must be large and rich or a waterfall-shaped bouquet made up of one type of flower.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με πρασινάδα

A simple wedding dress is best suited with a bouquet that is similar in aesthetics and elegance. The ideal bouquet would be a small bouquet, without many colours.

fountain-shaped wedding bouquet

For short wedding dresses prefer a compact fountain-shaped bouquet.

ογκώδες γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με αποχρώσεις του γαλάζιου και του ροζ

A long wedding dress is best combined with a massive bouquet or only one flower.

waterfall-shaped wedding bouquets

Wedding dresses with a tail are best suited with waterfall-shaped bouquets.

Wedding dresses with heavily decorated busts and embroidery are best suited with simple bouquets.

long wedding bouquet with few but striking flowers with long stems

If the dress is an A-line, the best choice would be a long bouquet with few but striking flowers with long stems.

γαμήλιο μπουκέτο με παιώνιες και φύλλα ελίας

If you are going to wear a bridal suit instead of a dress, the bouquet should be simple and elegant.

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