Wedding cakes that convey an artistic mood! You’ve loved them ever since you’ve seen top fashion designers using this trend for dress and blouse patterns. Now it’s time for your favourite flowers to bloom and decorate your wedding cake with an artistic mood. Take a look at some cakes that stand out as works of art.

A royal and aristocratic 16th century cake. This is exactly what this four-levelled grey cake connotes, which is decorated with the gold embossed flowers. To add liveliness, you can decorate some parts of the cake with real flowers.

A two-tier cake with a flower pattern, accentuated even more by the golden details and the beautiful ornamental flowers. This cake suits romantic, classy and exaggerated weddings.

If you want to add a Mediterranean flair to your wedding, like touches that remind your guests of Spanish women dancing to flamenco while wearing floral dresses, then it is a good idea to mimic this impressive cake.

A white cake decorated with vintage motif of flowers and golden leaves that looks as if it has just arrived from the past.

A cake with abstract watercolours on two of its four tiers…the result is a unique cake, which fits bohemian themed weddings.

A three-tier cake with golden and fuchsia touches, reminiscent of airy fabrics. This cake is suitable for romantic weddings.

A three-levelled cake with mosaic flower motifs. This cake suits spring weddings with a country character.

A wedding cake that connotes a summer mood decorated with pop art fruit motifs. The cake’s happy and bright colours will surely liven up your dessert buffet.

A très chic option that plays with black and white, while small touches of gold alternate with touches of hazy pink. Anemones and roses, either real or painted, create a masterpiece that you will want to keep forever.

This wedding cake is ideal for fairytale princesses. The cake is made up of playful floral designs with gold, pink, green and blue details that you will not want to cut.

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