Planning your wedding? Get inspired by the most beautiful cakes, in unique designs and styles, that will prevail at wedding receptions this year.

1. Bold and beautiful
After the uncertainty of the past two years and the postponements of weddings, many couples are excited to have the wedding of their dreams, and want to celebrate it as spectacularly as possible. Multi-tiered cakes, bright colours, and unique designs and tasteful combinations reflect the beautiful festive atmosphere of the wedding reception and will definitely grab the attention of all the guests!

2. Folds and ruffles
Romantic, “feminine” cakes, inspired by the folds and ruffles of wedding dresses from the haute couture runways! Sugar ruffles are masterfully made from thin strips of sugar paste and carefully placed in various shapes on the surface of the cake. Elegant, in delicate colours, they are beautifully combined with real flowers or sugarpaste flowers, following the colour palette of the wedding.

3. Pressed flowers
A trend that appeared in the past few years and will definitely be seen in 2022, is the decoration of wedding cakes with pressed flowers, which give a wonderful, ethereal effect. They can be combined with different seasons and wedding styles – boho or garden fairytale – and with all the different types of edible flowers there are plenty of options.

4. Tiers that stand out
If you want your cake to look like a work of art, this is the trend that will dominate in 2022! Bold, imaginative designs, with acrylic or metallic dividers that make the cake tiers look like they’re floating. Alternatively, the gaps can be filled with flowers or other materials that follow the style of the wedding decoration.

5. Individual mini cakes
Offering individual mini-cakes toi each guest, instead of the traditional wedding cake, was a preference that made a strong appearance in 2021 due to covid and is definitely a great idea that will stick around in 2022. It adds a special touch to the wedding reception, they can be offered in a variety of flavours, and the couple can cut and enjoy their own cake at the same time as their guests!

6. Like marble
Wedding cakes with marble-like designs are very chic and are preferred by modern couples. You can experiment with different colour palettes and keep the cake itself simple, without any other decoration. This type of design can  effortlessly blend with metallic elements, flowers, or even geode effects for a more stunning effect.

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