Even though they could easily be wonderful sculptures, which sometimes follow the norms of modern time, which is none other than minimalist lines, and sometimes refer to more baroque compositions with striking colours and designs, wedding cakes do not seize to impress us for yet another year!

Favoured wedding cakes colours this year follow pastel shades as also seen in the wedding dress designs presented by the most famous wedding fashion houses at the wedding fashion week a while ago. Impressive natural flowers such as dahlias, roses, succulents, play a significant role in the decoration of wedding cakes, but fresh fruit and the “wizards” confectionery, which is none other than sugar glaze, butter cream, chocolate flakes in various colours, and edible inks also play an equally important role! As you can see for yourselves, the result is outstanding! Sculpted wedding cake surfaces in various designs is undoubtedly one of the top wedding cake trends of 2019. Wedding cakes that harmoniously suit your wedding dress or even in completely contrasts it in colour and style are in fashion. Cakes in all sorts of geometric designs, but also cakes completely unconventional are some of the unique trends as well.
We have collected a few of our favourite designs and we invite you to be inspired and create your own unique wedding cake with the help of excellent professionals in the field, who are in Cyprus and can be found on our website.

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