Some people fear it as a colour. However, black is the colour of elegance and prestige as well as the colour of magic and mystery. It is not surprising that black flowers have drawn humans’ attention for centuries, more than the other colours: black tulips and black roses seem to have emerged from a fairyland! The great painter Matisse said that, “black is the colour of light, not of darkness.” Indeed, in ancient Egypt, black reflects life and rebirth. So do not be afraid to use it either as a wedding colour or add touches of black to the decor.

ON A SIGN: A blackboard within a golden frame that will show guests towards the wedding or reception area and announce, in a stylish way, that the couple’s adventure begins here!

ON THE WEDDING DRESS:  Tie a black silk ribbon around your white wedding dress. You will definitely impress the guests with your originality and stand out.

BLACK PAPER: Use black matte paper for all the wedding paperwork (invitations, etc.). Choose a font that looks like calligraphy and print it in white to create the ideal contrast with the black paper.

BACKGROUND: in order to highlight your buffet add a matte black background with a golden detail that looks like a frame. It is also advisable to place the food in gold coloured dishes to create the perfect contrast on the black backdrop.

BOWIE: It goes without saying that a black coloured themed wedding is a formal event. Just imagine the wedding dinner tables being decorated with black and gold details: from candlesticks, dishes to cutlery.

TRES CHIC: Another elegant way to use black is combined with white. Striped tablecloths that add a Parisian flair create a glamorous effect if you combine them with golden touches.

BLACK CAKE: Choose a black, triple-level cake that looks like a blackboard, as your names will be white.  If combined with the appropriate efflorescence and burgundy flowers, you’ll also create a vintage effect.

WEDDING RINGS: Say no to conventional gold and silver wedding rings! Opt for something in precious or valuable black metal.

SILK RIBBONS: Decorate the wedding chairs with white flowers that will be tied with silk black ribbons. The result will remind everyone of Coco Chanel’s creations.

MAID OF HONOUR & BRIDESMAIDS: Cover your bridesmaids and maid of honour’s clothes with your wedding colour. You will look like you’ve just come out of Paris Fashion Week.

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