Dusty blue is an appealing shade of light blue that is here to stay, offering its own distinct charm in style, with applications in decoration, fashion choices and more. If you’re planning on getting married during the summer, it could very well be the source of inspiration for all your organising.

Starting from the invitations with the ‘’save the date’’ you will send your guests, you could include a sea pattern, and make it the starting point of using dusty blue for the overall concept of your wedding, providing a fresh breath of air.

wedding invitations with dusty blue shades
γαμήλια πρόσκληση

The wedding reception table decoration is pivotal for a successful event. If you have chosen a boho-style theme, then the idea of using long, dusty blue runners, combined with flowers in similar shades, along with silver retro items on the tables, will give an impressive appearance.

γαμήλιο τραπέζι με διακόσμηση από γαλάζια υφάσματα

In modern times, the wedding dress doesn’t necessarily have to be white… Therefore, going to your wedding in a dusty blue wedding dress will definitely impress! A fairy-tale dress in light blue tones will always be striking. Many designers suggest this shade as an alternative solution full of finesse, since it’s a colour that any woman can pull off greatly.

νύφη με νυφικό με αποχρώσεις του γαλάζιου
νύφη με νυφικό με αποχρώσεις του γαλάζιου

You could even choose dusty blue hues for the décor on your wedding cake. With the brilliant ides of pastry creators nowadays, they can – by incorporating your ideas – create masterpieces.

wedding cake with dusty blue colour and red flowers
wedding cake white with dusty blue shades

Comfy shoes for your wedding, play a crucial role in making sure you will actually enjoy that important day. Beyond their design, the colour also plays a defining role in your overall appearance. A pair of dusty blue flats is the new shoe trend that you could easily adopt.

dusty blue bridal shoe
dusty blue bridal shoe

This pure light blue colour can be wonderfully incorporated on the wedding reception tables. Take advantage of its refined charm and enrich their décor, starting from the tablecloth and runners and adding plates and candles in various tones.

wedding table decoration with dusty blue details
dusty blue candles for the wedding dinner

Aquamarine is a semiprecious stone with a crystal clear, light blue colour. The legend says it originated from a mermaids’ treasure chest, and thus it is considered as the lucky gem of sailors and of newly-wed couples. According to tradition, it brings joy and wealth to whoever wears it, and it promises a happy marriage. Note that it fits even more to those of you that are Pisces, so you could very will choose aquamarine as your wedding’s jewellery.

dusty blue bridal earrings
dusty blue wedding ring

A ribbon is always suitable, even more so for a wedding ceremony! Therefore, you can use a light blue satin ribbon to act as the base for many of your décor solutions, for example by tying together the invitation, the thank-you cards, or even the menu that will be served during the wedding dinner.

wedding invitation with a dusty blue ribbon
wedding bouquet with white roses and dusty blue ribbon

If you’re planning to host your guests outdoors, then this is a very original idea to design a refined and boho-style scenery, where you could stand in front of to be congratulated, or it could even form the backdrop for your wedding memories pictures!

wedding decoration a dusty blue fabric and white flowers

Last, but not least, if you are planning of wearing a light blue suit, then your shoes and your bow can be no other shade than dusty blue! With such appearance, you will definitely add your own romantic style to the overall concept of the wedding.

groom shoes in dusty blue colour
groom suit in dusty blue colour
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