Macrame’s diachronic art is the trend that really stands out amongst the new wedding trends of 2017! We have all admired ornate motifs in clothes, jewellery and decorations, created with Macrame’s technique, a form of art by which we create decorative motifs with cords without needles or crochets, but by hand making knots. Elegant monochrome or colourful Macrame patterns can be used to decorate your wedding and really make a difference! Ideally suited to Boho-styled weddings, but also romantic or even in their simplest form, to modern, minimal weddings. Take a look below at how you can apply Macrame in your decoration, wedding table, bouquet and wedding cake!

The new, “Macrame” trend is not only unique but also versatile! So it can dominate the background creating a wonderful setting or it can be used as a runner on wedding tables, on dinner towels rings, or it can even decorate the guests’ sitting plan in an elaborate manner. If the reception area allows it, you can highlight your wedding theme and add Macrame motifs to various places, by hanging Macrame flowerpots over the tables, or if you are outdoors you can hang them in the trees and add a magical, dreamlike effect. The options are endless. Let your imagination do all the work!

Forget ribbons and cords when it comes to tying your bouquet. If you adopt Macrame’s trend, the finish of your wedding bouquet will have a wonderful Macrame piece that will contrast with the flowers and will definitely add spark! It fits the most plethoric bouquets as well as the simplest and round bouquets, as long as you choose macrame’s pattern according to the colours of your wedding flowers, the wedding dress and the overall style of your wedding.

Combining Macrame’s technique with your wedding cake really brings the whole end result to a brand new level! Allow your confectioner to create a masterpiece, by creating Macrame sugar paste motifs for your cake or those who wish a more discreet touch, add little Macrame toppers on the top. Alternatively, you can decorate the cake with a real Macrame motif, by adding a hanging base to put your cake on or hang an imposing Macrame motif on the wall behind the dessert buffet.

The options and combinations you can adopt concerning Macrame backgrounds are countless and will surely make your wedding photos unique! If you’re having a romantic wedding, create a wooden arch decorated with Macrame and decorate and flowers in the same colours as your wedding decoration.  It is very popular amongst Boho-brides to combine an elaborate pattern with rich bouquets of flowers. If you want to add intense colour to your wedding play with colours and create a unique background with Macrame dip dye! For a more dreamy effect that suits outdoor weddings that are in nature, combine Macrame patterns with different sized dream catchers.

You can even ‘play’ with Macrame and your wedding chairs. Depending on your budget and number of guests you can decorate all the chairs with Macrame motifs or just decorate the newlyweds table or even just your chairs with larger and impressively Macrame! Macrame adds a unique and impressive flair to Boho weddings, while by adding to the whole composition greenery touches such as eucalyptus or even flowers, you will boost the wedding style!

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