The colour specialists at the Pantone Colour Institute have announced in late December, like every year, the colour that will dominate in 2018: the fabulous ultraviolet. Although considered tricky to include, this purple shade can be impressively incorporated in your wedding. Let us show you how!

pantone colour of 2018

It brings to mind the peacefulness of Provence, with unending fields filled with intensely-purple lavenders. To be fair, it’s a colour full of mystery, and most people either love it or hate it… However, whenever it’s included, it affirms its prominent and intense character. Something that would be true at your wedding as well of course! Therefore, starting from your wedding invitations, you can use ultraviolet in the lettering, settling (for example) for calligraphic letters on white paper, completing the ultraviolet look with a small bouquet of lavender.

wedding cake with purple colour

You could even use various shades of purple to develop your wedding’s mood. Pick purple or lilac flowers to decorate the church, and the wedding dinner tables. For your bridal bouquet, choose plain violets, fragrant lilacs, beautiful tulips, bougainvilleas, or regal roses, and it will emit a discrete sense of luxury.

wedding table decoration in with purple plate
wedding table decoration in with purple runner
wedding dinner decoration with purple lighting

At the candy table, include blackberry and blueberry cupcakes, and delicate macaroons with Pantone’s must have colour. Your wedding cake could have a blueberry filling, or it could be decorated with edible purple flowers (pansies, mini orchids, lavender, etc.). The cocktails could also be colourful of course; one of the ingredients could be blueberry juice for example, so that your wedding party could also have a touch of this super trendy colour.

macaron in purple colour
cocktail in purple colour with blueberries

Regarding the bride’s dress for the reception, you could be bold and wear a chiffon evening gown in shades of violet, and even include gold and amethyst jewellery (the semiprecious stone that is said to promote faithfulness, transform negative energy to positive, and more). The groom could also choose purple of course, for the colour of the accessories for example!

wedding dress in purple colour
wedding ring with purple stones
νυφικά παπούτσια σε χρώμα μοβ
groom with purple bow
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