γαμήλια πρόσκληση σε μαύρο χρώμα με foil χρυσό και μπορτό λεπτομέριες

The importance of the wedding invitations cannot be overstated; it not only supplies the necessary information about a wedding, but it also offers your guests a first look at what your wedding will entail. Most of the time, an invitation’s design matches the wedding’s theme, but a great invitation could affect or even determine the style and decoration of the wedding!
Lately, flowers of all kinds have taken a prominent role on invitation designs, printed in different artistic styles, colour palettes, tone, and material. See below for our presentation of the flowery invitation designs that will dominate this year, and if you love flowers we are certain you will discover one that inspires you and matches your wedding style!

wedding invitation on recycle paper and watercolour flowers

A romantic double-sided invitation made out of recycle paper, promoting a ‘’green’’ character and cosy feelings. Watercolour-like elements are used, in deep lilac tones on one side and a brighter flower base on the other. Combining a simple font with one that is more handwriting-like for the couple’s names is an extremely interesting concept.
•It suits spring weddings that are designed with a romantic decoration in mind, including valley flowers in bold colours, dark wooden elements, and glass silverware.

wedding invitation with flowers

Another innovative double-sided invitation, with the couple’s initials printed on a soft-coloured font, adorned with peonies and garden roses; on the back, the wedding’s details are printed with a font that evokes a handwritten letter.
•This invitation type is a great match for spring and summer weddings that include a garden reception and modern décor in the colours of the flowers also used for the invitation, such as orange, pink, purple, rotten apple…

λευκό γαμήλιο προσκλητήριο με ανακυκλοσυμο χαρτί σε φάκελο από

An alternative invitation made out of cotton fibre, wrapped in print-on rice paper and recycled lace, sealed with silver wax. It implies a highly unique wedding with an artistic mood and a dose of mystery.
•This design matches weddings planned for a forest or countryside setting, with minimal décor. Regarding an appropriate colour palette, we recommend white, beige, and dark grey, along with wild flowers in similar tones.

wedding invitation burgundy background with gold letters in a white envelope with white flowers on a dark background printed on the inside

A gorgeous invitation with a distinct style and an unusual colour combination. A rectangular, burgundy background with gold letters, accompanied by a white envelope with white flowers on a dark background impressively printed on the inside.
•Any wedding with a more sophisticated look, especially for autumn and winter weddings, would be perfectly complemented by this invitation design. Dark wooden surfaces, burgundy and golden elements, and flower compositions in white and burgundy would highlight the overall style of the wedding.

wedding invitations with

Imposing double-sided invitation, in black card stock, with golden lettering and flowers in a royal blue frame. Along with it, an impressive envelope in the same colour, with an inside print of the same floral pattern, sealed with golden sealing wax. An innovative idea that augments this design is a smaller secondary envelope that will include more relevant information and RSVP cards.
•This design fits winter weddings, receptions in impressive halls, classically-decorated with rich detail. Royal blue acts as the dominant colour, combined with gold and the flowers used for the invitation.

γαμήλια πρόσκηση με ανανά και λουλουδία

If you’re dreaming about a tropical-style wedding, this invitation was made for you! Pineapples, hibiscus flowers, and tropical plants embellish this double-sided invitation and the RSVP card, while the environmentally-friendly envelope comes with the same joyful pattern printed on the inside.
•This design fits summer weddings of course, at the beach (or in a tropical island!); pineapples, large leaves from tropical plants, and a pleasant palette with bold colours would be perfect decorative elements.

wedding invitation with

A joyful invitation perfect for spring weddings. It’s double-sided: in the front, flowers in bold colours over a background using soft, pink watercolour touches, and the details of the wedding in capital letters on the back. To emphasise on this specific style, you could use a bold-coloured font on the envelope.
• Include vases with rich bouquets full of flowers in the same colour shades in the decoration to complete the link between invitation and the wedding’s setting.

γαμήλια πρόσκληση με χρυσά λουλούδια

A luxurious invitation on engraved, white paper, with bold, black, capital letters, surrounded by a rose branch in gold.
•It matches winter weddings (especially weddings over the Christmas period), with a nuanced decorative style which combines modern and more traditional elements.

minimal wedding invitation with grey flowers

A modern, double-sided invitation, with important info about the wedding on one side and the schedule on the other. With grey forming the base of the colour palette, black and white flowers are added, along with rotten apple touches.
•This design is perfect for autumn weddings in a modern setting, with plain décor using similar colours.

γαμήλια πρόσκληση με craft φάκελο, βουλοκέρι και λουλούδια

Another double-sided design with emphasis on romance, printed with a floral pattern on one side, and tied with string. Also included a ‘’Save the Date’’ card in the same design but in darker shades. The wedding’s environmental character is emphasised by the kraft paper envelope, with flowers printed on the inside, sealed with burgundy sealing wax.
•This invitation is for romantic weddings close to nature, with an ecological character, and flowers in shades of white, pink and burgundy, like peonies or roses.


tropical wedding invitation

This inventive design combines two very popular wedding trends of the past few years: geometric elements and greenery. The invitation could be double-sided, in a rectangular or polygon shape, and could be customised with simple-font lettering, geometric shapes, and patterns involving greenery and exotic plant leaves.
•It suits simple, summer weddings with tropical and geometric décor.

typography wedding invitation with tracing paper
The beloved hydrangea plays a leading role in the design of this truly unique invitation, printed on rice paper and accompanied by card stock that is adorned with a large blue hydrangea. The font choices are also very intriguing, with a plain capitalised font beautifully fusing with a handwritten style, modern font for lower-case letters.
•This design is perfect for a summer wedding by the sea, that has a more relaxed style and uses shades of white and blue. The flower of choice would be the hydrangea of course!
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