They said they would and they did! Within a setting that transported their guests to 1920 films, adapted of course to the demands of our time, Niki and Lefteris joined their lives with the sacred bonds of marriage on July 7, 2018, at the magnificent church of St. Lazarus, that dominates the centre of Larnaca.

The couple was together for ten whole years before deciding to take the plunge, which occurred just a few hours before the end of 2016 at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, where the imposing stairs of the Italian capital end at the beautiful fountain, that look like they have emerged from the earth itself. Lefteris had already talked and arranged the details with a painter who was at the square, to draw a caricature of him down on one knee asking Niki to marry him, and then followed the actual proposal.
The atmosphere of the decade the couple chose as their wedding theme was clear from the clothes they chose. Nike chose to wear a beautiful wedding dress, a creation by Efi Papaioannou, that highlighted her shapely silhouette. Leaving one shoulder uncovered while the other was a long sleeve, she stole the impressions of everyone, with the simplicity, brilliance and finesse of the wedding dress. A vague hairstyle done by Makellas Hair Team, a long veil and light makeup courtesy of Christina Hadjikyriakou, completed her appearance. Lefteris, reminded guests of 1920s film stars. He did not wear a matching suit, but chose rough blue trousers and a matching bowtie combining it with a snow-white jacket and shirt from the George Papadogamvros collection.
The olive plant, which is one of the most precious Cyprus plants, was the central idea of the wedding decoration for both the wedding and reception, all created in casual rustic compositions. Lefteris waited for Niki at the church with a bouquet made of olive branches, solanum, all tied up with twine. The two impressive floral stands located on the right and left sides of the couple during the wedding ceremony were also made using the same materials. The entrance of the church was adorned by a fabulous ami arch.

The wedding proposal occurred just a few hours before the end of 2016 at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Lefteris had already arranged the details with a painter who was at the square, to draw a caricature of him down on one knee asking Niki to marry him, and then followed the actual proposal!

Next to the main entrance of the church, a simple-decorated rustic wooden table was set up to cool the guests with chilled lemonade and water. Even hand fans made of craft paper with an illustration of a married couple and handkerchiefs for the emotional guests or the ones who couldn’t take the heat were also placed at the church. The invitations and everything else that involved printing were made by all these printing Off The Wall Larnaca and Copytex Larnaca. The inspiring wedding decoration was undertaken by MyEvents by Marios Itsis.
After the ceremony the couple welcomed their guests at the beautiful venue of Lexeko Estate in Lythrodontas. Guests were greeted with small bottles of alcohol, mounted on wooden barrels, before they were escorted to their table. The guests’ wedding treats were made by the patisserie El-De Confectionery.
The dinner organisation, as well as the actual food, was one of the best parts of the evening, which was created by Pandora Catering. Oblong tables with golden chairs were placed within the estate. The centre pieces, which were part of the wedding theme the couple had chosen, consisted of tall candlesticks, succulents, and compositions with eucalyptus, olives, straw, krospedia and solanum.
wedding table decoration with succulents
The gift chosen by the newlyweds for their guests was incredibly original. The gift was a picture frame made of glass and bronze frame, inviting them to fill it with photos taken of night at the specially designed photo booth, named Island. Of course the wonderful wedding photos were taken by Rinis13 Photography, and the wedding video was created by Oscar Studio Production.
The highlight of the evening was the wooden bar decorated with hanging lanterns by «BarAround by Old Market St», who made sure they cooled the guests with their outstanding cocktails, such as the Negroni, Hugo, Highball and Perfect Gin.
wedding cocktail catering
Niki took off the veil she was previously wearing and replaced it with an impressive headpiece, a creation of Maria A. Aristidou, made up of white flowers and butterflies, which resembled the loved Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. After cutting the three-levelled wedding cake, that was decorated with olive branches and peonies, a creation of Pandora Catering, the party started!
Everything was wonderful and magical that night, making everyone wanting to celebrate the love between Niki and Lefteris. Everyone had the time of their lives! Dj Ilias Genios was in charge of the music, while the lighting, dance stage and sound were created by Christos Soleas.











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