Theodosis and Christiana chose to join their lives in marriage on the summer’s apex (specifically on the 26th August 2017), in beautiful Kyperounta. And why at Kyperounta you may ask? Read on to find out…
After a 3-year relationship, one evening Theodosis took the big decision and proposed to Christiana at their house, simply and very romantically. The warm décor he had picked for the occasion – surrounded by lit candles and many roses – was ideal for Christiana, who of course said yes.
At any case, there is nothing more adorable than a young couple who chose a mountainous destination like Kyperounta for their romantic wedding, a unique life experience. The couple also picked a particularly important church for their ceremony… The wedding took place at the Ayia Marina church in Kyperounta, where Christiana’s parents got married.
They ordered their impressive wedding rings from Hadleys of London; the jewellery the bride wore in the prettiest moment of her life was from the same jewellery shop.
Stephanie Soteriou was in charge of Christiana’s makeup, who highlighted all of Christiana’s best features so that she would always remember this unique day.
RSVP Events was entrusted by the couple with every aspect of the wedding decoration up to the smallest detail, including the church’s décor. Nicolas Kyriakou and Tamara Saati used their unique style to add decorative touches that made the couple’s wedding a fairytale affair. The theme on which the decoration was based on was rustic wood and greenery, which tied nicely with the habitat of hilly Kyperounta. They used wild flowers as the base design and enriched their compositions with roses and chrysanthemums.
As the reception took place at Event di at Kapilio Village in Limassol, and the venue is filled with olive trees, they playfully included in their theme the sacred tree of wisdom. Olive leaves were used on the guest list, the menus, and even on the design of the wedding cake, with little crowns of olive tree branches.
The impressive wedding cake and treats were the creations of La Galerie in Limassol, who have proven once again their great talent.
For their guests, even more surprises were coming, like the handmade bracelets offered to the ladies and the Cuban cigars Romeo Y Julieta given to the gentlemen.
Overall, the day was precious and it exceeded the couple’s expectations. The reception venue and the background scenery that was prepared for the wedding in the village impressed the newly-weds as well as their guests.







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