The reception of your wedding is the culmination of a wonderful day! By following a few simple steps and being efficiently organised, your guests will be impressed and you will be pleased. Organising the wedding reception is probably the most difficult part of the wedding preparation, since it takes time and patience, but it is also what makes the difference. Follow the steps we propose below and everything will work exactly as you have imagined.
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Start looking for a wedding venue well in advance. The sooner you find your venue the better you will be able to organise your reception. Hurry because the popular venues are booked well in advance, especially if your wedding will take place during the time of the year when dozens of weddings happen every weekend.

Choose your wedding venue depending on the season as well as the wedding style. Weddings are held in hotels that have large spaces such as reception halls and gardens, in specially arranged reception venues as well as courtyards of churches, and anywhere with the possibility to accommodate large numbers of guests, such as the countryside or a beach.

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Think about what kind of reception you want. If you include all the guests then it is better to hold a cocktail party, which also means you need to choose outstanding caterers. The factors that will have a decisive role in what you choose are the number of guests and your wedding budget. If the venue you are interested in does not offer catering services, you will need to get offers from catering professionals, whereby you need to clarify all the details from the beginning.

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The number of the guests you plan on inviting to the reception plays the most significant role when deciding on a wedding venue.  If you are planning an open reception and a smaller dinner, make two separate lists to correctly calculate the number of guests. This way you will be able to calculate the reception and dinner budgets separately.

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The season in which the wedding will be held is an important factor that determines the style of the wedding. If you are getting married in the summer, the most ideal choice is an open outdoor venue, within a cool environment or a closed well-airconditioned venue. Options for winter, spring and autumn weddings, when the weather is more unpredictable, are either in banquet halls or in open spaces with outdoor heating or tents.

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The distance between the venue and the church is also a factor which you will need to keep in mind in order to minimize your guests’ discomfort as much as possible. You will also have to estimate the time of the reception, to make sure guests will not have to wait a lot after the church service ends.  You also need to estimate the distance and time it will take from the reception to the dinner, if you are going to hold both on the same night.

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