Every wedding begins way before the wedding day. The wedding dream begins exactly at the moment your beloved offers you a unique ring, a proposal and symbol at the same time, to join your lives and set off on a common course, which you will officially start together. For years now, we have been accustomed to specific designs and styles when it came to solitaire rings. However, things have changed, and new fashion trends are here to stay!
First and foremost, fashion shows that colour can be added to the ring’s precious stone! Precious and semi-precious stones such as emerald, the aqua marina, amethyst and many others adorn the rocks of the new era. Plus, the shape of the stone can also be changed! You can now find different shaped solitaire rings that are far from the traditional shaped rings we have been accustomed to! Alterations have also been made to the metals that are typically used to make solitaire rings! Both gold and white-gold have become mat while silver is painted black and one stone has been replaced by many.
Do you prefer the classic and traditional style or are you looking for something modern? No matter your preference, we are here to help! Take a look at the proposals we have put together and certainly some of them will steal your hearts.

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