Italy is the country known for its breathtakingly romantic sunsets, rich cultural heritage, ancient monuments, picturesque villages which look like they have come out of a fairytale, elegant and chic locals, haute couture and gastronomy which surpass the expectations of even the most discerning. We invite you to set off on a seven-day exploration and discover the northern part of Italy while shouting out “Ma che bello questo paese”!

Your journey across the northern part of Italy will start from the one and only Florence. The Renaissance flair and everything that epoch left behind as our legacy is still visible on every step you’ll take! The mesmerizing architecture and enchanting atmosphere that overwhelms while walking along the cobblestone streets, sweeps your heart away immediately. Don’t forget to visit by Duomo in Florence, known as the romantic Boboli Gardens, a typical example of the 16th century Italian gardens. Another must-visit is one of the most important museums in Europe, the Gallery Uffizi, which showcases the artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Botticelli etc. When staying for two nights in Florence, do not miss the chance on taking a day trip the enchanting San Gimignano.

You may have heard others characterising the village of Tuscany as the Manhattan of the Middle Ages. If you are wondering why, all we can say is that San Gimignano is home to distinctive soaring towers that impress anyone who visits the village immediately. Initially the village was home to 72 towers while now there are only 14 left. The breath-taking vistas of Tuscany’s vineyards and ancient walls that surround it are just a few features you will come across. You should definitely sip on a chilled glass of Vernaccia de San Gimigniano, which is the most famous white wine produced in the area!

WHERE TO STAY IN FLORENCE: We recommend the Torre di Bellosguardo. 
Just outside the city of Florence, the four-star hotel-tower will capture your heart. In perfect harmony with the natural environment, with elegant and refined decoration, it is a favourite accommodation amongst those visiting Tuscany.

Once you leave Florence you’ll head a little bit further north, till you arrive at the National Park Cinque Terre. This is a colourful paradise, made up of five villages. Cinque Terre is an UNESCO listed site that will definitely capture your heart forever! The inhabitants spent centuries building colourful houses on cliffs in the area overlooking the sea with much mastery and passion. The result is simply breath-taking. Cars are not allowed in the settlements, but you can visit all the villages on foot and explore the area while strolling along the picturesque cobblestoned alleys that connect them, otherwise you can use the train. Do not forget to try the local traditional sweet, the sacripantina, a dessert made with sponge cake, cream and cocoa. Take advantage of its privileged geographical location, stay for two nights and wake up bright and early to set off on a day trip to Lake Como.

WHERE TO STAY IN CINQUE TERRE: We recommend La Sosta di Ottone III. 
Everything about this boutique hotel with just 6 guest rooms reminds us of the Mediterranean. Enclosed within a garden full of olive groves, this 16th century architectural masterpiece, with simple and very chic decor is definitely our favourite hotel!

Set within a landscape of unique natural beauty and enviable architecture, Lake Como is considered the most romantic part of Italy and not unjustly. Found between Milan and Switzerland, Lake Como is surrounded by picturesque villages with scattered villas and resorts ideal for every visitor. Hiking trails, boat rides, water sports, are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay. Sipping on an aromatic Italian coffee while overlooking the lake is a definite must, and who knows, if you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon a famous frequent visitor, such as Brand Pitt, Donatella Versace, Madonna and many others. In the evening you will find yourself in one of the most romantic cities in Europe, characterised as such mainly because of its history. Yes, we are referring to Verona course!

This is the city linked to the greatest love of all times, Romeo and Juliet, which was brought to life by William Shakespeare. Do not pass on the opportunity to visit the magnificent Arena of Verona, the city’s most impressive attraction that dates all the way back to the Roman Empire and presently still hosts events. Take a stroll from Bra, the city’s main square and along Mazzini Street and end up in Piazza del Ermpe with its outdoor market and picturesque cafes.

WHERE TO STAY IN VERONA: We recommend Hotel Trieste. 
It is a modern city hotel with striking colours and décor, which cannot but intrigue your interest! This hotel is exactly what you are looking for as its great location allows you to explore the city centre.

The exploration of the Italian north could not end anywhere else but in Venice. Venice is special, so you should not let the crowd of tourists influence you. Experience the city as a typical tourist and enjoy this magical spectacle it offers. Stroll the canals with a gondola and ask the gondolier to give you information about the city or if he is sweet-voiced ask him to sing for you.  Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the city and do not be afraid, there are signs everywhere leading you to the central Piazza San Marco. Visit the Murano museum and enter the Ca’ Macana to view the authentic Venetian masks. We left the best for last: Sip on an Aperol Spritz, the traditional Italian aperitif, enjoy the beautiful scenery that surround you and soak in the greatness of this city! Do not rush, enjoy your time and the city and stay at least two nights in Venice. If you wish you can visit the neighbouring islands as well.

WHERE TO STAY IN VENICE: We recommend Hotel Londra Palace. 
The exaggerated decoration that characterises hotels in Venice is evident in this hotel, which undoubtedly exudes a distinct elegance. You will be transported back to the Renaissance while staying in this hotel with tapestries on the walls, moulded furniture and heavy velvet curtains.

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