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When we talk about weddings, we usually refer to them as “the bride’s big day.” But what about the groom? A wedding is a celebration for the couple as a unit. To find out how you can easily get involved in the wedding preparations continue reading…

outdoor wedding ceremony

Show interest in wedding themes, wedding colours, locations etc. and state which ones you think are best. This way, your wedding will suit you as a couple as much as possible.

wedding table decoration with white and dusty blue colours

Do you both have a favourite food? Is there a traditional family recipe that you need to include? Do you have a favourite snack or dessert you would like to have served? In general, make sure that your tastes are included in the menu as well.

light blue wedding cocktails

You could be responsible for organising the bar and think of a few cocktails that your guests will love.

groom and the wedding groomsmen wearing the same suit

You could ‘’control’’ the best men. This is an aspect of the wedding where the bride should not have to waste time or energy. Just make sure that their clothing is consistent with the style of your wedding. Surely you would not want the best men to show up in formal suits at a casual beach wedding.

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You could agree to split the planning temporally: The bride could concentrate on the wedding day, and you could focus on the honeymoon. You will exchange ideas and opinions of course, but you can organise the trip, the restaurants and book the hotel, the activities and more.

bride and groom outside of the church

If you have good organisational skills, you can plan the seating arrangements. If your handwriting is nice and neat, you can write the names of the guests on the envelopes of the invitations.

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