They wanted their wedding to be an event to remember. And at the end, Demetris and Elektra achieved their goal. Their two-day party set up last September will definitely remain in their guests’ minds for years to come.

As to what made their wedding so unique, read on to find out! Since they both have an invested relationship with cinematography, they highlighted their artistic experience through the grand party they hosted for their wedding.
Let’s start from the beginning: Demetris Taliotis (Director of Production) and scenographer Elektra Kythraiotou decided to tie the knot in September last year, after a one-year relationship. Elektra confided to us that the wedding proposal happened a day before they departed for a road trip in Ireland, at their home, which they are now renovating and where they plan to remain for the rest of their lives.

lace wedding dress
bridal shoes
The wedding date was set for September 21st, 2017, and the ceremony was realised at Agia Varvara church in Kaymakli, for a very simple reason: Elektra was born and raised in the area, and thus she wanted the most important day of her life to have a real connection with her childhood.
So, she wore an impressive handmade ne_ne wedding dress By Marina Nicolaidou, and Andreas Zen, the well-known makeup artist, was in charge for her makeup. Her significant other picked a suit from the collection of Chrysostomos Demetriades, while their wedding rings came from Marios Sialos.
bridal bouquet with colourful flowers

The wedding proposal happened a day before they departed for a road trip in Ireland, at their home, which they are now renovating and where they plan to remain for the rest of their lives.

colourful wedding decoration

The ceremony was followed by a reception at the Church grounds, which was impressively converted to a youthful setting to highlight the couple’s joy for life. What made their wedding so special was the dinner party that occurred two days later, in Nicosia Public Gardens. Since they are both Nicosia residents, they wanted to host the party at a green open space in the city where they were born and grew up, an objective they definitely achieved.

RSVP Events, using their magic wand, designed an incredible party yet again. The setting was shaped by adding spots of colour, an abundance of flowers and decorative elements, resulting in transforming the park to a dreamy, movie-like setting, full of energy. Hanging lights, impressive compositions, and bouquets with colourful flowers complimented the couple’s liveliness and delight.

‘‘ We just wanted our wedding to be a great, unforgettable party, full of colour. We really liked the lighting, especially at the party’s dance floor, and the excellent flower décor…’’, the bride said.

wedding catering
wedding floral floor dancing
How did they come up with their wedding’s concept though? ‘’We brainstormed ideas through our profession. I’m a scenographer and Demetris is a Director of Production, in the film industry. So, through our discussions with RSVP Events, Pandora Catering, our graphic designer Demetris Soteriou, and all our other partners, we managed to accomplish a result that impressed all of our guests.’’ Elektra told us.
Christos Soleas was responsible for the exquisite lighting, while the dance floor and its impressive imagery was a creation by the SY Stage team.

Elektra and Demetris really did experience the most beautiful and unforgettable day of their lives. Indeed, Elektra explained to us that ‘’if we judge by what our friends and wedding guests told us, the respect we offered them and the attention to detail by us and all our partners will be unforgettable. This is why everyone will remember this great two-day party!’’.








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