Weddings are back with a vengeance and with them, stunning floral arrangements! After months of waiting and postponements, couples are looking forward to their wedding day and want to celebrate it better than ever. The novel trends below will definitely help inspire you and give you great ideas!

1. Dramatic designs
This trend has been developing over the past few years, and this year it seems to dominate. Many couples, after so many postponements, are finally having their wedding and want it to be truly unique! Among other things, we will find bold floral arrangements in unexpected places in the reception area, impressive arches and backdrops, hanging modern arrangements, floral ceilings, and even special constructions for the presentation of the wedding cake!

2. Unexpected combinations and textures
This year couples are breaking away from traditional compositions and are opting for original combinations with a variety of flowers, different shapes and textures. For a bold, unexpected effect combine fresh flowers with dried flowers, palm leaves or even pampas grass. Depending on the style and season of the wedding, you can create even more unique arrangements by combining flowers with flowering branches, strange greens and dried lunarias.

3. Bold monochrome compositions
Although pastel colours are always a favourite, this year’s weddings will see striking, monochromatic arrangements that are sure to be talked about! To show off this style, choose one or more types of flowers and add depth with different shades of the same primary colour. Depending on the season, the style of the wedding and the reception venue, you can be bold and go for pink and red hues, blends of sunny yellow, or rich green tones.

4. In black & white
Perhaps the most chic trend we’ve seen in a while! With the rise of weddings with fewer guests and a more  formal spirit, the choice of decorating in black and white is undeniably a stylish choice. Use black on various items such as vases, candle holders or even dinnerware and in the arrangements combine various white flowers such as roses, peonies, gardenias and bridal wreaths (Madagascar jasmine). For a more modern effect, use only one flower (e.g. white anemones), tablecloths or ribbons with black and white stripes and cover a wall with a black and white background  in a design that matches your wedding.

5. Above the clouds
Ethereal cloud-like arrangements that hang from the ceiling or look like they are floating over the tables or floor of the wedding reception are also a strong trend for 2022. Flowers from gypsophila plants, although traditionally considered a complementary flower, are ideal and take centre stage in these arrangements – florists are finding new wonderful ways to showcase it in their creations! Even though it’s its white variety that is used normally, it blooms in other colours, including pink, and it can also be easily dyed to match any colour palette.

6. With pressed flowers
This nostalgic trend seems to be “blooming” again in weddings in 2022. Beautiful pressed flowers and greens are incorporated into wedding decorations and the result is especially romantic and elegant. The “paper” flower details can be used everywhere from the invitations or the wedding cake, to the seating arrangement and the decorations. For pressing, choose your favourite flowers or flowers that match the ones you will use in your wedding flower arrangements.

7. In coffee tones
For coffee lovers, in 2022 warm brown tones have started appearing in floral suggestions for modern weddings. Take inspiration from different types of coffee and experiment with the colours of espresso, latte, mocha, café au lait, and even cocoa and cinnamon. For a more sophisticated effect, combine brown shades with tones of caramel and cream. This trend is great for fall weddings.

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