Regardless of your favourite colours, the one feature that is of particular importance and will play a big part in your final decision is the season your wedding will take place. To make your selection even easier, we have created four colour paletts, one for each season, which will help you “add” special touches to your wedding starting from the wedding dress, the suit, the invitations, to the sweets and the wedding reception.

autumn wedding bouquet
bride in the forest with peach wedding dress

Rays of autumn sunlight!
If you are getting married in autumn, dress up the most beautiful day of your life with the warm colours Mother Nature so generously grants us with such as gold-green, olive-green, puce, burgundy, chocolaty, dull orange and pink! All these colours combined will grant you with the most stunning autumn setting that even autumn itself would be envious of. Whether your wedding is vintage, country or shabby chic themed, it’s important that you add the autumn touch in every detail: from the invitations, the bouquet (with seasonal flowers of course) to the wedding dress (prefer a warm ivory hue instead of white, unless you are more daring and wear an orange tint wedding dress!).
As for decorating the wedding dinner venue, a good idea would be to decorate the buffet with seasonal fruits, chocolate salami slices, chocolate cake and whatever other dessert carries the colours of a sweet autumn afternoon.

winter wedding photography
wedding cake for winter with white roses
wedding table decoration with grey table cloth and white plates

Icy Setting!

If your dream is to have a wedding in the resplendent white of snow and ice, which is the reason you chose to get married in winter, follow the colour palette below and your dream will come true. If it snows on that day then the white snowy backdrop will surpass your expectations. Besides the white of snow, you should add shades of frozen blue, cold grey, brown, mocha and ivory. Each of these shades will add the desired effect to your winter setting. Choose a white wedding cake decorated with pine nuts or in grey ombre and a flower bouquet that looks like it was created after a walk in a snowy forest. The wedding favors as well as the wedding dinnerware should reflect the shades of the winter palette. If the wedding is held during the Christmas holidays, then you can decorate the centrepieces of the wedding dinner tables with silver ornaments, white roses and painted blue details such as pine nuts and leaves. As for the wedding dress, as the Americans say, ‘’it needs something blue’’. Or as we would say…wear a pair of warm crème-coloured UGG boots, with “Just Married” written on the boots’ sides.

spring wedding photography
bride with with peach wedding dress and the groom with peach suit
spring wedding cake with peach roses

Honour the Pastels!
You’re a hopeless romantic, you adore flowers and you chose a spring wedding. So if the most beautiful day of your life will carry a romantic vintage or rustic theme, choose soft, pastel shades of peach, green peppermint, ballet pink that will surely add a touch of romance to your wedding.
And because the theme and colour palette of the wedding determine the wedding dress, a tulle dress in peach shades is exactly what you need. Make sure that the bridesmaids and maid of honour also wear spring coloured gowns, such as peppermint, that contrasts perfectly with a peach wedding dress. If you would still prefer a white wedding dress, make sure your bouquet plays with these colour combinations and use different sizes of roses and pastel greenery.
You will decorate the reception area using the same colour palette. For example, you can decorate the buffet with colourful sweets or some paper constructions that will accentuate the spring element of your wedding.
Finally, use the same colours and aesthetics when creating the invitations since it’s a great idea to give your guests hints about what will follow. Thus, say no to the overused white invitations and choose those that resemble nostalgic spring seasons!

summer wedding photography
summer wedding bouquet with pink peonies
wedding table decoration idea for summer weddings

For a joyous mood!

When we hear about a summer wedding the first colours that pop into our minds are blue and white! Instead, you could have a much more original summer wedding, moving past from what is expected and choose a cooler, girly, joyful and romantic colour palette that will make you mood?
Firstly, the bride could wear a pink wedding dress a la Keira Knightley, or choose a bouquet in colours of the summer palette: pink, peach, fuchsia, light blue, shades of peppermint and turquoise, shades that refer to past decades. Secondly, the groom’s suit should have a touch of colour (for instance, a peach tie, a blue shirt, a white and peach buttonhole on the lapel) to match the style and colours of the wedding.
Thirdly, send invitations in sandy-brown in turquoise envelopes.
Fourthly, for the outdoor reception, choose golden-coloured chairs to be reminiscent of sand, which match perfectly with mint table runners and pink flowery centrepieces. If you love macaroons, then use these colourful sweets to decorate the centre of the tables and add a playful mood to the wedding dinner.

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