After the pandemic, 2022 was undoubtedly the year of the wedding boom, with many weddings in a short period of time. 2023 seems to be the year when weddings are redefining themselves, and new wedding trends are helping couples to plan their wedding according to their personalities, and to provide a truly unique experience for their guests at the same time.

Wedding flowers

1. Small bouquets
This year, elegant, small, vintage-style bouquets will replace the large, irregular bouquets that had been prevalent previously. Lily of the valley, gypsophila, lavender, alyssum, and other garden flowers are some of the flowers that can be used in the bridal bouquet, always depending on the season, as well as the style and colours and types of other featured wedding flowers.

2. Smaller and more imaginative arrangements
The very large and hanging arrangements of previous years are being replaced by smaller ones, which are more affordable but also create a more intimate atmosphere. Imaginative flower arrangements at different heights decorate the reception tables while we lush flower garlands reaching down to the floor will be fashionable again.

3. Bright and bold flower colours
Flowers in vibrant, bold colours will dominate wedding decorations this year. The most popular colours will be deep red, a lovely sun-inspired colour (a mix of gold, brown, and beige), blue in serene tones, bright green, and lavender. Last but not least, the Pantone colour of 2023, viva magenta, a lovely shade of red you will love!

The wedding decoration

1. Mix and match styles
If you want to break away from the ordinary, go for something more fun and eclectic. Take elements you like from different decorating styles and create a unique style that reflects your personality as a couple. You can even use diverse table decor, different chairs or even tablecloths for an interesting, noteworthy effect.

2. A garden wedding
A trend we’ll see a lot of in 2023 is garden-like wedding decorations. Whether you’re planning a reception on a mansion near the woods, in a garden or near the beach, you can incorporate the natural elements of the surroundings and create a dream garden feel with your own unique theme. The result will make your guests feel like they are in paradise!

3. Creative wedding signs
Signs with custom prints can play a leading role and give a special character to the whole wedding decoration. Specifically, the signs for the guests’ tables can be transformed into impressive scenery, which in an imaginative way could also accommodate the guest namecards, or even personalised items that comprise the wedding favours.

Wedding catering

1. Small guest lists
The immediate aftermath of the pandemic was a reduction in the number of guests. Although normality has (more or less) returned, many couples are choosing to keep the number of guests low, and thus have more options for the reception venue and location. This does not necessarily mean cutting costs; it also allows the couple to decide on higher quality choices and truly please their loved ones.

2. Unique dining experiences
Creative cuisine will be one of the biggest trends in wedding catering for 2023. Couples are now looking for more than traditional options, something that will impress and delight guests. So we will see unique dining experiences, such as meals made in front of guests, sushi or shellfish stations and globally inspired haute cuisine dishes.

3. Sustainable catering
More and more couples are environmentally aware and want to have an eco-friendly wedding. It is therefore not surprising that sustainable catering is also on the rise. Several caterers are using seasonal ingredients and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, compostable serving utensils and even offer ways to reduce food waste.

Wedding cakes

1. Metallic colours
Using metallic tones in your cake decorations can definitely make a difference and add extra sparkle to your wedding day. Choose gold, silver, or bronze and customize the overall design of the cake to suit your personal style and outlook. It suits elegant, modern weddings or classic weddings with elements of luxury.

2. Add flowers
Flowers have been a popular choice for wedding cake decoration for years, but we think they will be particularly popular in 2023. More and more couples are opting for outdoor, garden-like weddings, and cakes with flowers, real or made out of sugarpaste, certainly blend in better with the surroundings and the overall decor.

3. “Semi-naked” cakes
Cakes with minimal icing, i.e. considered “semi-naked”, will continue to be popular in 2023. They are offered in many options, colours, and combinations depending on the style of each wedding. Because you can see the inner layers of the cake (the sponge tiers), they are best suited to rustic or country chic, outdoor weddings.

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