Undoubtedly the bouquet is one of the most beautiful details in a wedding, as it uniquely complements the bridal look! Perfectly harmonized with the style and the look you have chosen, bridal bouquets are the epitome of the bridal decoration and this is clear in all the wonderful insta- photos, which have overwhelmed our timeline.

Asymmetric bouquet in pale shades, in autumn colours. Roses, chrysanthemums, and ranunculus (meadow cups) combine harmoniously and suits various styles of wedding decorations, such as boho, romantic but also rustic weddings.

A simple composition made up of greenery and matirija poppies or romneya, without strict limits, reminiscent of blossoming meadows. An excellent choice for minimal weddings.

Roses, lilac matilija poppies and an impressive peony are the key parts of this remarkably simple composition; we can imagine it in romantic and rustic weddings.

Although exclusively made up of dried flowers, this bouquet has stolen our hearts with its excellent aesthetics, starring Pampass grass and lunaria annua. An ideal choice for elegant chic autumn weddings.

In champagne colours, exclusively made with roses and orchids, with a longer length. We see this composition in elegant, romantic and chic weddings.

This composition seems to have just been brought to life by a painting, while what stands out is the absolute harmony in colours. Dallies, celosia peonies, combined with other species with smaller flowers, create the most distinct composition for rustic weddings with a bold mood.

And yes! The coloured bouquets are here and as minimal as they are, they will always have a special place in our hearts. An exclusive composition of made ranunculus and matirija poppies, which is perfect for spring, romantic and boho weddings.

Modern but also timeless, this composition perfectly balances fresh and dried flowers. Lunaria annua, roses and amaranth make up a unique bouquet for any kind of decoration.

Because the colour red of passion is never old-fashioned, especially when it combines such a modern aesthetic look. Orchids, peonies, and deep red roses are needed to create this impressive bouquet, making it a special alternative, for weddings with a tropical and oriental mood.

This bouquet smells like the salt of the Mediterranean! It may originate from the shores of Spain, but it reminds us of the flowering pots we decorate our summers with. Chrysanthemums, but also citrus fruits in the same colours! Rustic, romantic, summer and boho weddings, match beautifully with this composition.

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