If you are dreaming of a wedding, bursting with bird of paradise flowers, pineapples, dragon fruit, banana leaves and exotic cocktails, then you cannot help but love the summer wedding trend, named Tropical! Take a look, check out what we have gathered for you, get ideas and prepare to make your guests feel as if they are on a Caribbean island or wondering in the magical Amazon jungle!


Regarding your wedding dress, you can choose a boho dress with fringes, transparencies or even simple designs in green tones. If wearing a pure white wedding dress is not a must feature in your dream wedding, then dare to wear a two-coloured dress, combining white with a bright colour you like or with the chosen colour of your wedding decoration.

Impressive banana leaves, palm leaves, monstera, peace lilies, bird of paradise flowers, buttercups, hibiscus and coconuts, pineapples, papayas and dragon fruits are the main features included in the decoration for a tropical wedding. Whichever trend of the tropical concept you’ll choose, whether you follow a green and white colour palette or intense and colourful, is entirely up to you! Either way, use cheerful garlands to decorate the tables or even hang them throughout the venue. Also, add bronze-shaded candleholders and hanging lanterns which will add a unique warmth to the venue and create a beautiful ambience.

Add something discrete and minimal in your hair like small bronze tropical leaf-shaped accessories or an impressive flower hairpiece made up of large bright coloured flowers. Whatever you decide, you will definitely look stunning!

As for the wedding invitations, go with the absolute trend of the season which is none other than floral design and use either shades of green or vivid and bright colours!  Floral invitations match perfectly with craft paper or all-white envelopes!

A naked cake decorated with the epitome of summer fruits – the pineapple; and coconuts as well, is the perfect cake for a summer wedding. Alternatively, you may prefer a multi-levelled cake with strict geometric designs and edible flowers that will definitely impress!

Don’t hesitate and choose an impressive bouquet, simply because it’s a definite must at tropical-themed weddings. Banana leaves, palm tree leaves, monstera and spathyfylla will form the basis of your bouquet and to add a dash of colour use peonies, buttercups and alstroemeria.

Cocktails are a definite must at a summer wedding! Choose a couple of your favourite cocktails and add them on the menu. If you are lucky and have an experienced mixologist behind the bar, then ask them to make a signature cocktail just for your wedding day. Serve the cocktail in tropical fruit and create a real Caribbean setting at your wedding!

The tropical mood of the wedding must be distinct even in the smallest details, these will impress the most and set the mood and tone for the evening. Instead of a guest book, place a surfboard and ask your guests to write their wedding wishes on it! If the wedding or reception will take place in the sand, the groom and his close friends can wear summer plimsoll shoes in lighter shades.

Create an impressive canvas, either a single-framed or a multileveled flower stand decorated with ferns, palm leaves, monstera and add white or bronze touches that will transport your guests to the magical Amazon forest!

A tropical wedding must leave its mark on the bridal jewellery too! Gold is timeless and should always be present. However, it’s best you match it with a coloured jewel or gem, or go all the way and match your gold ring with colourful gems such as emerald, sapphire or even amethyst. Another unique idea is choosing jewellery inspired by tropical nature!

Prepare unique wedding treats with an original presentation for your guests. Sorbet ice cream in various exotic flavours will definitely capture the hearts of every guest! Donuts with different toppings are also a unique and delicious treat.

If pineapple is your favourite fruit, then make sure you include it in your wedding decor. Pineapple leaves, birds of paradise flowers and palm tree leaves can create an impressive aisle for you to walk down on! You could also decorate the floor with leaves and flowers to add an ‘aloha’ flair to your dream wedding setting!

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