Choosing a wedding invitation is perhaps one of the most important features of organizing a wedding. Why? Simply because it is the first thing that will set the tone of what your guests will expect on your bid day! Your personal touch, the decoration style you’ll choose, the wedding colour palette and how much you have put into your wedding will show at first glance.

typography wedding invitation with navy blue envelope and leather details

For this reason, we have gathered the latest trends in wedding invitations, to inspire you and help you create the ideal wedding invitation for your wedding, with the help of the best professionals in the field in Cyprus!

wedding invitation with drawing

A fourfold wedding invitation in watercolour shades painted by the couple. This is an ideal idea for weddings with a rustic mood!

floral wedding invitation on tracing paper

Combination of a single, colourful invitation with the text printed on transparency paper, and use the same print on the folder. This type of invitation suits summer weddings with a tropical mood.

γαμήλια πρόσκληση σε διάφανο plexiglass με πινελίες από ακριλικό

Stand out by opting for wedding invitations made from plexiglass and add touches of acrylic paint in the same colours of your wedding palette.

Using ecological paper in gold tones and minimal or modest fonts is undoubtedly one of the hottest wedding invitation trends of 2020.

wedding invitation with pocket envelope

Another upcoming trend is creating a wedding invitation that resembles a painting created by 20th century surrealist artists. The perfect invitation for weddings with very modern aesthetics.

wedding invitation in black velvet box

Exuberant in design and in colour! A black velvet box, which opens and reveals all the details of the wedding, while the actual invitation is decorated with three-dimensional flowers.

μοντέρα γαμήλια πρόσκληση με αποχρώσεις πορτοκαλί και κίτρινο

A wedding invitation in warm shades of red and orange, with an abstract and a touch of 70s mood.

simple black and white invitation with embossed typography

You can’t get more innovative and original than opting for a black, white and embossed wedding invitation!

wedding invitation in green and gold foil with transparent envelope

A transparent with a gold and green shaded invitation and envelope! This is the ideal combination for wedding invitations that exude a strong sense of luxury and unparalleled chicness.

circle wedding invitation

If your wedding will be held under the starry sky this fabric-made pouch with the constellations and paper circles that refer to the planets of the galaxy, is a wonderful choice!

wedding save the date invitation with clear envelope

The transparent envelope is a minimal, elegant and extremely romantic choice!

circle plexiglass save the date invitation with pink envelope

Circular-shaped plexiglass invitations combined with square-shaped envelopes in the same colours that will be used at the wedding.

γαμήλια πρόσκληση

Inspired by nature! This oblong-shaped invitation with real leaves or flower stems is a wonderful invitation idea for both boho and natural weddings.

Black and white pictures of the couple on the wedding invitations are one of the hottest new trends, which seem to dominate the weddings planned for 2020.

wedding invitation from recycled paper with leather envelope

How about something completely different? How about wedding invitations made from recycled paper combined with envelopes made of…. leather! This is an ideal and original proposition for winter weddings.

γαμήλια πρόσκληση με tracing paper , βουλοκέρι και αποξυραμένο γυψόφυλλο

How about an invitation made of transparent paper and dried flowers as well as adding your initials with a wax seal? If all these are combined with copper shaded colours, it is even better!

Different styles, colours and sizes! If you are nature lover and a playful mood would characterize your wedding, then this is the ideal invitation for you!

Silk screen printing on recycled paper. This wedding invitation may be the epitome romance!

See more invitations ideas, from companies in Cyprus, on our website.

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