The colour palette of the Pantone Colour Institute is the most valuable “weapon” for top designers who determine fashion trends. In 2017, they declared “Greenery” as the new trend that defined everything, not only in fashion but also in decoration. One thing that’s certain is that this beloved trend will stay prominent in 2018!

wedding decoration greenery with white ortanisies
circle greenery backdrop with bride and groom
wedding decoration greenery centrepiece

The “vegetable” colours, therefore, such as the green of grass and fern, assume the role of main protagonists, and since we always have your wedding in mind, we have put together plenty of ideas as a source of inspiration for the most original ‘’ecological’’ concept of 2018.

bridesmaid with olive dress
bridal head peace with green leaves

If you have already decided to walk down the aisle of the church and have set a date for your wedding, you should start thinking about it a little more seriously! If indeed you have a strong environmental consciousness, then the Greenery concept that we are about to suggest is made especially for you. Therefore, these new trends can be applied to the decoration of the church, and the reception area. The green colour can create incredibly impressive results.

wedding cake with greenery details
wedding dinner napkin detail with olive leaves

On the island of olives, as Cyprus is characterized, the tree of wisdom is everywhere. So why not use it in your wedding! Besides, olive trees keep their leaves all year round, so you can take advantage of their unique hue, whatever the season is for the wedding date you choose.

μπομπονιέρες γάμου μπουκάλια από κρασί με φύλλα ελιάς
wedding dinner napkin detail with olive leaves

Therefore, olive branches, or any other green plant in Cyprus, can become the main theme of your wedding. Starting from your invitation, while the plants can decorate the church or reception instead of using typical flower compositions. Thus, the new trend replaces the traditional wedding decorative ideas with modern decorative proposals.

wedding dinner napkin detail with olive leaves

Furthermore, the leaves of the olive tree can replace rose petals that your guests will throw at you as you’re exiting the church. All you have to do is put them in small bags and give them to your guests when the ceremony is finished!

γαμήλιο δείπνο διακοσμημένο με κορδέλα από πρασινάδα και κεριά

Olive twigs can also be transformed into “rings” to decorate the table napkins. Also, along with Mersinia garlands can be made to decorate the tables and chairs where your guests will sit. Of course, they can also be combined perfectly with your wedding cake adding an incredibly impressive touch.

Eucalyptus, another characteristic tree in Cyprus, can also be used in the decoration of the wedding ceremony and your reception. And simply because we like brain storming, you could even use the twigs of the eucalyptus to create your wedding wreaths, and form the basis for the most impressive decorations in the church as well as the receptions that will follow.

Of course, let’s not forget, your wedding bouquet, which can be made using a bunch of olive or eucalyptus twigs, which, combined with fresh fern will add to the “ecological” concept of your wedding.

Keep in mind
Ask the experts at the florists, and they will advise which species of plants and trees can be preserved better, so as not to be disappointed with their appearance; this is especially true if you are going to get married in summer.

γαμήλιο δείπνο διακοσμημένο με κορδέλα από πρασινάδα
bride with olive leaves bouquet
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