It may be one of the smallest details a groom-to-be has to choose for his wedding day, however this unique elegant and original touch adds a festive air to the groom’s, best man’s and close relatives’ appearance and look. We are referring to none other than the small boutonnieres that decorate the lapels of suit-jackets which harmoniously blend with the style and theme of every wedding. Below you will find some of the newest and top trends so you can choose and pick the boutonniere that suits your style.

Mini pineapples, kumquats and even berries are now included in the compositions created for the groom’s lapel, which add the necessary stylistic twist every wedding needs. It goes without saying that if your wedding has a tropical theme, fruit-made boutonnieres is the way to go!

If the wedding you are planning has an ethnic, boho or even rustic mood, you can’t help but fall in love botanical boutonnieres. Made up of flowers and rare plants, which seem to have sprung from green-covered valleys, these boutonnieres will make the difference you are looking for! They are best suited to suit-jackets made with more casual fabrics without this meaning that they don’t also fit classic designed suits.

Who said that boutonnieres on men’s lapels should be small-sized and discreet compositions? If your wedding theme and style permit it, don’t be afraid to select bolder compositions that are not placed on the lapel of suit-jackets, but are rather placed in the pocket of the suit-jacket replacing the handkerchief.

Cotton blossoms and flowers are perhaps the most unique and romantic plants you can use for your wedding décor. Do not forget to pin one on the lapel of your beloved!

If you want to be original and stand out, think outside the box and create boutonnieres with impressive feathers. Ideally you could add a subtle feathery touch to your bridal look, such as on the headpiece you will choose or even the bridal bouquet.

If your wedding décor is dominated with white and green shades, the all-time favourite and most elegant colour theme for weddings, then greenery lapels serve as a great alternative. Some olive leaves, rosemary, ferns and baby eucalyptus create inspiring and highly eclectic combinations.

The all-pervading cacti in wedding decorations could not be missing from the groom’s lapel. subtle or imposing, alone or accompanied with flowers, cacti are always beautiful and definitely stand out!

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