There is no way your guests will not be positively influenced and look forward to your wedding day when they receive these invitations. So, take a look at the new invitation trend (which resemble the floral trends in fashion) and make your guests want to keep them forever.

Black and white stripes on the envelope, golden touches on the invitation, and an oversized yet simple font add a playful and stylish tone that reminds us of the 70s elegance.

Those who want to create eco-friendly invitations should limit themselves to just two colours (it’s better to use black and the natural colour of cardboard, to get a natural result). For the binding, you can go for natural rope.

Combine a black envelope with an invitation with watercolour roses in the shades of pink and green hazel. As for the font, choose the one that looks like proper handwriting. Complete the look by tying a black and white polka dot ribbon around it.

If your wedding will resemble the glamour parties that took place in St. Tropez or on a tropical island in the 60s, then replicate this invitation. Pineapples on a black background, gold font, and a black envelope with white polka dots will make your guests feel that a Hollywood star of the 60s is getting married.

For minimal weddings, restrict yourself to black cardboard paper and white handwriting.  The result is an invitation that looks like a blackboard.

A romantic, vintage wedding requires an elegant invitation on a black background and a blossoming flowery pattern. For much-needed contrast, it is a good idea to use a crème coloured background for the dinner invitation.

Clean lines, elegant fonts and an attractive interplay between black and white colours. To break the monotony, choose an envelope through which flower patterns that resemble a Van Gogh painting will appear on the inner part.

The combination of mint green with the colour of cardboard is suitable for rustic or bohemian weddings that will be held out in nature.

For all those romantic souls that are having a spring wedding, it is a good idea to choose a floral invitation that resembles Oscar de la Renta’s floral motifs.

Yet another invitation with a black background and a pattern that reminds us of folk motifs we meet in Russian pashminas. This invitation is suitable for shabby chic, as well as bohemian weddings.

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