Summer is here and weddings are on climaxing! It’s no surprise since summer sunsets offer the best backdrop and setting to create the wedding of your dreams. Have you decided the colour palette that will decorate your wedding? We have put together five of the hottest summer colour palettes. All you have to do is choose your favourite!


Don’t use just one but a plethora of colors to decorate your wedding! It would be ideal if you were planning a wedding with a tropical mood. Impress your guests and add color even where they least expect it, for example choose colorful wedding shoes! But do not just settle for that. Choose exuberant flower arrangements and spectacular wedding cakes, a colorful wedding dress and colorful wedding invitation. Splash out and your guests will be impressed to the fullest!


China Blue is the shade of blue we find in exquisite hand painted porcelain. Get inspired by this unique color and incorporate the floral version in every wedding detail, like the wedding invitation and bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as adding little touches that will attract the attention and impress everyone. You can also include this color in the flower arrangement created for your bridal bouquet, the background for the photos, as well as in an impressive headpiece. Or why not stand out and choose a china blue gem for your solitaire ring!


Dusty orange is elegant and cinematographic! It is certainly true that in recent years dusty shaded wedding decorations have been popular. This is the perfect palette for weddings held in late summer, who wish to greet autumn and the sweet mood that brings with it. Use dusty orange in every detail! Add the color to your wedding dress, the wedding decorations, the groom’s suit, flower arrangements and compositions, the solitaire ring and the decoration of the table. Remember, this shade combines perfectly with natural textures and particularly rough wood.


They are refreshing, have a beautiful color and shape and smell fresh! How is it possible to omit them from the wedding palette? Use their texture, their color and the fruit itself. One of our favorite ideas is to decorate the wedding aisle with baby lemon trees and add cocktails to your wedding bar that are lemon based! Plus, don’t forget, that the lemon easily combines with any other color you choose.

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