On the 8th of September 2018, on a day when autumn made its appearance in the Cypriot sky, Marina and Marinos joined their lives in holy matrimony, surrounded by their loved ones. The elegance, simplicity and the aristocratic touches were evident in every detail of this wedding.

Marina arrived at the church, after the traditional bridal dressing, in a simple but perfectly elegant wedding dress. Her hair was combed into a ponytail, which highlighted the features of her face, and a long tulle veil, completed her bridal appearance. Her makeup, which was done by the make-up artist Elena Polycarpou, emphasized without exaggeration, her natural beauty and added even more sparkle to her already bright and happy face.

Marina arrived at the church in a simple but perfectly elegant wedding dress, her natural beauty added even more sparkle to her already bright and happy face.

The stone-built church of Ayios Minas, in Ayios Athanasios in Limassol, was decorated with natural compositions perfectly harmonized with the surrounding area. Amaranth, eucalyptus and succulents were used to compose the rich garland that adorned the entrance of the church, as well as every other composition. Three-levelled platters filled with pouches with rice, fans for the guests and little booklets that included the wedding ceremony were placed on a vintage table in the natural shades of wood. The colors, prevailing in every detail of the decoration were green, white and craft colors and textures.

At the entrance of the church her beloved Marinos was waiting for her, with happiness being unmistakably evident on his face. Marinos had chosen to wear a rough blue suit from Freeway in Limassol, with touches of camel-coloured details on his accessories. The bouquet that he would offer beloved was an impressive composition consisting of white roses, eucalyptus, amaranth and succulent plants. Every detail of the decoration was administered by Luciana Weddings and Events Cyprus.

After the end of the ceremony, the couple was congratulated at Irinis Square, at the town hall of Agios Athanasios, accompanied by catering from Wilton Patisserie, while the dinner that followed took place at the Hadjiantona Estate in Parekklisia.
The venue was impressively decorated. A garland of flowers that had been used in all the decoration compositions, adorned the couple’s rectangular monastic wooden table. At the same time, small candles on golden candlesticks of various levels gave the necessary warmness touch. The guests’ tables were decorated similarly, with the same decoration used to decorate the main table. A special touch, especially if we consider that the whole reception was set up in the garden of a winery, were the bottles of wine that were used as candlesticks. Fairy lights were hanging over the tables and the main stage. Both the lighting and the dance floor were organised by the company Phedias Music Atelie.

The venue was impressively decorated. Garlands of flowers on the tables, and small candles gave the necessary warmness touch.

After the couple’s impressive and yet affectionate entrance into the venue as husband and wife, with fireworks that illuminated the sky, they cut the three-levelled white cake, decorated with lush green succulents and thanked the guests. The couple had prepared glass bottles with olive oil and aromatic herbs for the guests, instead of wedding favors. The cake and the treats were made by Wilton Patisserie.

‘Ta Kefia’ orchestra and DJ LPS made sure the guests were entertained till the late hours of the night. Antonis Prodromou captured the entire day on his lens as well as planned and took pictures of the couple’s special photoshoot.















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