Whatever you had in mind about wedding cakes, you must forget it! The art of confectionery has now conquered new horizons, and wedding cakes look like small pieces of art that will certainly impress your guests!

floral painted wedding cake

Glaze, butter creams, chocolate flakes in various colours, natural flowers and fruits are being used by confectioner artists creating a unique effect!
One of the latest trends are cakes with drawings representing marble. One of the must trends of the year are cakes made in various colours with water lines that impress everyone who looks at them! Leaves and shades of gold are also a top trend while cakes that resemble fireworks or rare minerals impress even the most discerning.
Ethnic or romantic decorated cakes, asymmetrical and multileveled cakes, hand-painted cakes or cakes that exude a 70’s mood, are waiting to be discovered so as to be part of your dream wedding!
Timeless fresh flowers, and fresh natural fruit with caramel drippings, chocolate drippings or whatever else you think of as well as prints printed with edible inks are just some of your options.
Whatever you choose, one thing is for certain, your cake will definitely impress!!

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