They are the cutest wedding guests! The bridesmaids live in their own fairytale on the wedding day, so you should pay close attention to what they wear if you want to make them sparkle and put a smile on their face. And because bridesmaids fashion has no limits…it is a good idea to choose something that suits your wedding dress as well as the wedding theme or style. Therefore, check out the latest bridesmaid’s proposals by fashion experts and dress your flower girls!

If you are going to have a glamorous and fashionable wedding, then your bridesmaids should also be dressed accordingly. The creations of Lebanese designer Krikor Jobatian represent this exactly: elegance, glamour and trendiness. Little dresses that will impress and make your bridesmaids feel extremely happy as they accompany you on one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Classic and timeless! Joan Calabrese’s bridesmaids’ designs presented by Cheri fashion house, which apart from being stylishly lovely, they feature fine fabrics and embroidered details. Just imagine how wonderful these little girls will look in these sleeveless dresses as they accompany you to the ceremony. You will look like a princess of a fairy-tale story, accompanied by little princesses. These bridesmaids’ dresses suit romantic themed weddings that flirt with innocence.

Oscar de la Renta’s bridesmaid creations may seem small-sized, but they are huge…in style. This is because the bridesmaids’ dresses are created using luxurious silk, Chantilly lace and silk embroidered organza in ivory and white. Since they are a mini version of the wedding dresses designed by the famous French brand, the young ladies appeared in the latest fashion show wearing hair garlands with white jasmine as if they were brides. Therefore, if you want the little girls at your wedding to emit a sweet, yet intellectual flair, like your wedding, then these creations are exactly what you are looking for.

Most little girls have a dream: to become ballerinas! So why not make their dreams come true by dressing them in unique and inspired tutu dresses? The best way to accomplish this is with the creations of Angel Face. Angel Face’s designs are the dresses you should choose if you are the kind of bride who wants to escape from the conventional dresses, preferring something that is extremely cute and playful. And to make an even greater impression – especially if your wedding is more rock-instead of ballerina shoes, prefer to dress your little “helpers” in boots.

Nicki Macfarlane’s creations can only be characterised as royal. Otherwise, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wouldn’t have chosen them for her wedding to Prince William. Therefore, if your wedding has a royal flair or resembles a traditional British wedding, then the Macfarlane flower girls are exactly what you are looking for to project the style of your wedding. Long dresses with big bows, inflatable sleeves, luxurious fabrics like organza and lace, in light shades of ivory and pastel, are precisely the features that will make your bridesmaids look as if they have come out of the 50s or the hit TV series Mad Men.

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