If you are not one of those couples that link honeymoons to destinations like Paris, the Caribbean or you do not like going where everybody else goes, then maybe you should start thinking about alternative destinations for you honeymoon, to create unique memories … to make your lives easier, we have put together the top must destinations for alternative honeymoons, which definitely do not lack in romance, but are also filled with adventure. Let’s go!

The Caribbean is always a popular destination for honeymooners, but there are still areas in Jamaica that have remained relatively unknown. One such place is Port Antonio, which attracts far fewer tourists than anywhere else on the island. It is home to lavish undisturbed tropical habitats, as well as beautiful white sandy beaches (almost deserted), as Frentsmans Ras, and the famous Blue Lagoon. If you want to feel a bit like Brooke Shields in the popular blockbuster movie, book your tickets now!

Where to stay:
At Sanwood Villa, an elegant villa of the 60s, which is part of the new luxurious resort, Geejam Hotel. Sanwood guests can enjoy every comfort available (even personal chefs, private swimming pools, etc.) but also Banksy’s amazing frescoes that pop up in unlikely places.
Web: https://www.geejamhotel.com/

honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Port Antonio Jamaica Geejam Hotel
honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Port Antonio Jamaica

For the British, a trip to the Lake District would not be considered a dream honeymoon destination. However, the country’s beautiful and unique landscape is ideal for those who have never seen or visited it before and are adventure thrillers. Take a train to Windermere (where the largest lake in England is found), where you’ll find mesmerising plains, which are ideal for long romantic strolls. For dinner, book a table at the prestigious L’Enclume restaurant, which recently gained a top rating from Britain’s Good Food Guide.

Where to stay:
At Gilpin Hotel & Lake House in Windermere. There, you will receive VIP service and you can relax in a private hot tub that is available in each suite. Also select one of the three honeymoon packages offered by the hotel and enjoy breakfast in bed, ready picnic champagnes and personalized souvenirs.
Web: https://thegilpin.co.uk/

honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Lake District England
Gilpin Hotel & Lake House
honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Lake District England Gilpin Hotel & Lake House

If you and your sweetheart are the type of couple who would consider climbing up an active volcano romantic, then you should definitely go to this Chilean city. Once you are there you can climb the nearby Villarrica, which is also considered a winter skiing haven. There are also many other exciting activities you can do in the area, such as diving and hiking. And when fatigue starts to kick in after so many adventures, you can soothe your muscles at the termas geometricas (thermal springs).

Where to stay:
At the amazing Antumalal Hotel, that has gorgeous-looking chalets in the heart of the woods, offering complete privacy; ideal for a romantic getaway. The hotel is surrounded by forests, but also has a private terrace that offers beautiful views of the Villarrica Lake.
Web: https://www.antumalal.com/

honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Pucon Chile Antumalal Hotel
honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Pucon Chile

Say no to trendy and typical honeymoon destinations like tropical islands and head to the Finnish town, Lapland. A city that, while not under the spotlight, turns into a magical destination once winter falls. Here, you can really become one with nature – under the condition you remember to pack loads of warm clothes. You’ll even get the feeling that Santa Claus will pop out from somewhere at any given time. So admire the Northern Lights (yes, they can be seen from here), set off on a cross country skiing adventure, go fishing through the ice, play with the reindeer…you can even sleep in an igloo.

Where to stay:
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers a diverse range of rooms: there are glass igloo, which are built into the ground (do not worry they are very warm), as well as the wooden houses specifically built for couples, which feature a private sauna.
Web: https://www.kakslauttanen.fi/

honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Lapland Finland
honeymoon top 10 alternative destinations Lapland Finland Arctic Resort

It might partly attract party goers, but Hvar, the Croatian island, can turn into very romantic destination for honeymoon couples. It is located in the Adriatic Sea, offering a relaxed and effortless way to start your day on the beach. What else you may ask? You can get lost in lavender-covered plains, dive into the sparkling blue waters and enjoy gourmet seafood at seaside restaurants. Do not forget to set off on a day trip to Paklinski islands, where you will find many hidden coves and enjoy each other’s company.

Where to stay:
In the boutique hotel named Adriana! It features a luxurious spa and everything newlyweds would ever want: a rooftop bar, beautiful rooms (including a suite with a private spa) and special packages exclusively for couples.
Web: www.suncanihvar.com/adriana-hvar-spa-hotel.html

Whether your idea of a dream honeymoon includes hiking, adventure and exploration of archaeological monuments of the ancient Maya or chilling in thermal springs, Panatzachel, located in the southwest highlands of Guatemala, will satisfy you completely. When you get there, don’t miss on the chance to visit the most beautiful lake in the world, Atitlan (which in Mayan means, “the place where the rainbow gets its colours”).

Where to stay:
The good thing about this destination is that you can find fairly cheap but well-maintained accommodation. Try the Hotel Regis, a simple resort without fanfare, which offers the absolute essentials: spa and double rooms.
Web: https://www.regisatitlan.com/

Lhasa, Tibet
How about honeymooning in Tibet’s mysterious capital?  Built on a flat valley surrounded by gray mountains, Lhasa was Dalai Lama’s home until 1959. Many temples and palaces are available for exploration (like Potali Palace where Dalai Lama once lived), with a lot of hiking and countless steps. And once you are done with sightseeing, do not forget to visit Barkchor, the bustling market and grab a souvenir.

Where to stay:
For breathtaking views of the Himalayas, you should definitely stay at St. Regis, the top luxury resort in Tibet. If you choose the “Continuous Romance” package, you will get free flowers and champagne, a fancy dinner in your room, but also the luxury of enjoying a rose-scented bath prepared especially for you. Rather necessary after a long day of sightseeing, don’t you think?
Web: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lxaxr-the-st-regis-lhasa-resort/

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