The art of proposing is no longer dominated by men. Women should consider proposing themselves if they feel like you should, we are no longer in the 19th century! You don’t have to wait. Whoever you are, you want your wedding proposal to remain memorable. Take a look at our ideas, improve them with lots of imagination and creativity and it is certain that your other-half will say “yes” immediately!

You can pleasantly surprise your loved one by popping the big question by using food or something sweet…
• Make them a cake and place the ring on top. Offer it to them and fire the question. Most people find sweets irresistible.
• Freeze the ring in an ice cube and fling it into their glass as they are relaxing and enjoying their drink at home… they will notice that there is something in their drink and when they do, get down on one knee and pop the question!
• If you have friendly ties with a pastry shop or a patisserie ask them to bake a cake, on which your proposal will be written on top; it can be decorated with the diamond ring. Then your cake will take a prominent place in the window of the shop pastry and you will randomly pass by…
• Take them to the best restaurant in town. However, ask a policeman you know to stop you on the way! When the policeman asks for your vehicle registration, you will ask them to open the glove box to give you your license… And what will they see? The vehicle registration document with the ring mounted on it!
•If you have a favourite restaurant, then print a special menu with your proposal written on it instead of the food. Ask the waiter to give your partner the special menu when you order and when they open it, bend down on one knee and pop the question.

Fresh flowers are the epitome of romance. Let’s see how you can use flowers to make your wedding proposal even more special…
• Apart from the classic option (where you use flowers to write the wedding proposal on the floor) you can also send your partner a rose for 12 consecutive days.  On the 12th day they will be expecting the 12th rose to complete their bouquet, but you’ll surprise them by sending a dozen roses and a ring asking them to marry you!
• Buy your loved one 11 of their favourite flowers. On each one, tie a piece of paper, on which you’ll write one letter from the phrase ‘marry me’ on each one. Give them the flowers one by one! Hide the last flower with the letter ‘e’, which will be tied to the ring and make them look for it.

Are you an adventurous couple? Then take a look at some ideas made for those who love to live on the edge, both in life and in love.
• Take your partner sky diving. After you land with your parachutes, ask them to help you take off your parachute … When they get the parachute off, they will find you down on one knee holding a ring…
• Another good idea is to take them bungee jumping. When you are still at the top give them a piece of paper that says, “Will you marry me? If yes, jump! “

Although the idea itself is surprising, using balloons is a great way to make your wedding proposal unique and memorable.
• How about a bouquet of balloons filled with rose petals? Take rose petals to a balloon shop and ask them to put them inside while they are filling them with helium. Place the ring in one of the balloons as well. At the time you pop the balloons above their head they will be bathed with a sea of rose petals and the ring…
• Fill an entire room with balloons. Place a love note in each balloon… Under all those balloons hide the box with the ring. In order for your partner to find the ring and hear you pop the question, they’ll have to pop all the balloons!

A wedding proposal should be spectacular, so why not do something extreme and flamboyant to pop the question?
• Rent a billboard and pass by with your partner on a random afternoon where they will read the proposal and be amazed…
• Take your proposal to the big screen. Especially if you are a couple who loves the cinema there is no better way to pop the question.  An image could appear with your wedding proposal as advertisements are being played. Or you can ask the management at the cinema to pause the movie – announcing that there are technical difficulties. Then they could broadcast pictures of you two together accompanied with your favourite song. At the end of the song a video of you asking them to marry you could be broadcasted as well.
• Place an advertisement in the newspaper. It is easy and cheap. For example you can place an advert saying, “Looking for a single man with the initials A.K. to spend the rest of my life with”. Also, you can place a large picture with your photo and a caption with the wedding proposal.
• Take your sweetheart for a ride through the sky … It goes without saying that beforehand you would have written with paint or created using stones the words “Marry Me,” or anything else that she could randomly see and be able to read from above!

Did you meet online? Are you both technology freaks? Take a look at a couple of unique and creative online wedding proposals.
• Create a website dedicated to your proposal.
• Send your proposal via eCard while your significant other is at work.
• Schedule a reminder on her calendar account and when they open the email the relevant window will open and they will read your wedding proposal.
• Send your partner an sms while you are together wandering around town. They will be surprised to see you have sent them a message while you are together. Imagine how surprised they will be when it is a wedding proposal!
• Change the screen saver on their computer by placing an image of your wedding proposal.
• Record your wedding proposal using your webcam on your computer, and then upload it on the internet or onto your YouTube channel or blog. Then send your lover the link via email!

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