Stephanie Apserou and Aristos Aristodemou, having dreamt of a wedding party by the waves of the sea, designed the most dreamy, tropical setting.

The ceremony took place on the 10th of September 2017 in the St John Cathedral at the Archbishop’s Palace, followed by a wedding reception at the church’s grounds, for their guests. The groom’s royal blue suit was by Hugo Boss, whilst Stephanie’s wedding dress, a creation of Efie Papaioannou, was tight with a lop-sided silk chiffon skirt. Well-known make-up artist Ilona Garamvolgyi from the Make Up Store was in charge of the bride’s make-up.

Setting the tone, the flower arrangements were made up of birds of paradise, leucospermum, alstromeria, veronica, hypericum, solidago, as well as other seasonal flower with a bold colour palette, along with exotic greenery.

Truth be told, RSVP Events should be fully credited for the décor of Stephanie and Aristos’ wedding. In the plinth-built church and the reception area were subtly decorated with bold-coloured flowers and low-lit metal lanterns filled with candles. Their aim was to highlight the space’s beauty, creating a pleasant and sweet atmosphere. Subsequently, Christos Soleas placed decorative lighting to simulate an especially romantic atmosphere, focusing on specific sections of the church and reception area. Additionally, especially impressive was the setup of the cocktail buffet by Pandora Catering, with wooden tables and stands being the design choice of Giannis Mallouris.

Five days later on the 15th, the wedding dinner/party took place at Galu Seaside in Larnaca, for the couple’s friends and close relatives. During the dinner Stephanie wore a flowing dress in an ancient greek style, by designer Marina Sophokleous.

The bride’s comments speak for themselves: “Galu Seaside is a space that makes you feel you are in a cycladian island, fusing the fluid sea element, golden sand, the whiteness of exteriors, and the sky’s blue colour. The locale’s director, Phanos Phanou, is an excellent professional, greatly devoted to what he does. We followed his advice blindly, on the menu choice and other decisions, and the result was truly impressive for everyone present. The human touch is what gives a place its soul after all”.

The wedding’s decoration was a responsibility of Tamara Saati and Nicolas Kyriakou from RSVP Events. Having a desire to avoid the usual themes, they dared to create a summer atmosphere inspired by the tropics (the groom’s idea), with bold flower colours and exotic fruits. The couple explained this choice as well, stating that “Tamara Saati and Nicolas Kyriakou are two especially talented people, with novel ideas and incredible skills, who guided us and helped us both when picking the wedding’s theme but also many of the details for that special day”.
Setting the tone, the flower arrangements were made up of birds of paradise, leucospermum, alstromeria, veronica, hypericum, solidago, as well as other seasonal flower with a bold colour palette, along with exotic greenery. The wedding’s dinner tables had a mint-coloured tablecloth, tall, see-through glass vases filled with birds of paradise, pineapples that were utilised as pots for colourful flowers, as well as various exotic fruits like coconuts and dragon fruit. This tropical style was not only present on the tables, but was diffused all over the place…

The bar was decorated with exotic leaves and tropical fruits. Next to the dance floor a photoshoot corner was set up where guests could have their pictures taken; with tall plants serving as a background, the “set” was decorated with a peacock bamboo chair, tropical hand fans, Hawaiian necklaces and other objects. The wedding party’s décor was accentuated further with the design of the area’s “ceiling” with rows of bistro lights that were similarly customised with two kinds of exotic leaves. The tropical theme chosen by the couple for their wedding was definitely something out of the ordinary and was especially bold, but the result was worth the risk: positive energy and a pleasant mood were evident during the event.

Finally, the most interesting aspect of the wedding was that the couple chose to forego favours and instead support PANSOF, an organisation that aims to develop a small community and a support centre for children with special needs and their family and friends.











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