Do you want to leave the back of your wedding dress bare as the latest trends or to playfully and subtly add sexy or romantic touches to the back of your wedding dress? Whatever you decide, it is important to note, that your striking back will be the focus of all your guests during the wedding ceremony. So get inspired right here … backs that will attract all the attention!

A wedding dress with an eclectic and not so revealing back for the romantic brides. The best feature is the see-through part, on which hand-embroidered beads are the highlight.

A romantic wedding dress with French laced sleeves and a pleated skirt in which the back is revealed in a super-chic way.

A Chantilly laced crop top with black silk ribbon detail adds a modern twist to the entire lace dress.

The brocade corset fabric with distinctive lacing on the back, adds an aristocratic and elegant character to the wedding dress, even if the back and shoulders are revealed…

For a more girly and airy summer look! The back is partly covered by an ornate bodice and is revealed bare just above the waist.

Minimalism, glamour and sensuality coexist in this mermaid line wedding dress while the sexy, revealing back is undoubtedly the protagonist of the whole look.

The minimal look is anything but boring. Hair-tied tulle in a bow is transformed in a long elegant tail which discreetly covers the bride’s bare back.

A V-shaped back resulting in an oversized bow. An Avant Garde look made for brides who do not have anything to envy from the elegance of women like Amal Alamountin.

This is a glam-back design that reminds us of the 80s glamour. This style suits well-shaped and toned backs.

A heavy laced cape takes on a lighter tone thanks to the bare back. For brides who want to make a difference and be daring.

A discrete, French elegance and refined style. The fine embroidered fabric embraces the back as if it is one, while the tail emerges from the lower part of the dress!

This style is exclusively for bohemian brides, modern vintage fairies, with airy embroidered see-through fabric which while covering the entire back, leaves a distinctive cut, revealing a part of the skin.

This is a sensual mermaid-line wedding dress, with a Spanish temperament and tail, which leaves the back and shoulders bare.

For conservative brides who do not want to reveal their body, oversized bows decorate the bride’s back and add a more romantic and playful style.

If you want the result to be elegant, allow a large part of your back to remain bare, while covering the arms and shoulders with modern embroidered fabric. Besides, according to stylist rules of elegance only one part of the body should remain completely bare each time.

If your wedding dress fabric is heavy enough, play with contrasts: the bare back with smooth skin is the perfect contrast to a heavily embroidered fabric of your wedding dress.

For modern mermaids… a wedding dress decorated with silver sequins in geometric lines that highlight femininity.

This is a sexy 70s style wedding dress with a highly revealing back. This is for the bold!

Because the 70s fringe look is in trend, add this detail to your wedding dress. Just imagine how beautiful your back will look as it is revealed through the glittery fringes.

A revealing back like a Swan Lake ballerina, framed with shiny decorative beads.

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