A Veil or a wreath? A Hat or a kouaf? Natural flowers or perhaps jewellery? A complete bridal look requires a special headpiece, which harmoniously matches with the wedding dress you choose as well as the style and theme of your wedding. For this reason alone, we have put together some of the most striking headpieces, which will impress even the most demanding brides!

The most modern headpieces on the market are artificial flowers made lace, leather, tulle, fabric and any other material you can possibly imagine! Professional artists have created unique romantic headpieces as well as headpieces that follow the latest fashion trends. Get inspired and choose your favourite!

Whatever the fashion trend, one thing is always certain. Natural flowers will always be a preferred and favourite alternative when it comes to headpieces. So, what will you choose? Bold wreaths or discreet compositions that will adorn your hairstyle? If you are opting for a wreath, will you use different kinds of flowers or just one? There are so many options to choose from, so choose the one that suits you best!

Hats are admittedly a not so popular alternative for brides in our country, even though they are a beautiful option for spring and summer weddings that are held outdoors and weddings that are scheduled to be held at the town hall. Hats are symbols of elegance and finesse. So why not wear one on your wedding day!

As it is evident from the top fashion houses, one of the most preferred trends this year is headpieces made of jewellery. Small leaf and flower-shaped creations, precious stones and pearls adorn bridal hairstyles and complete the bridal look in an impressive way.

If you are planning on opting for a romantic bridal look, then decorating your hair with ribbons is an ideal option! Ribbons look fantastic on all hairdos especially those planning to wear their hair up or opting for a vintage look. Thin or thick, with decorative features or plain, ribbons are certainly a headpiece that will steal the impressions of everyone attending the wedding.

While exuding past glamour, the kouaf is and will remain a pre-eminent bridal accessory. Classic designs with a net that covers part of the face and fashionable designs, which highlight the top of the head, the kouaf is an excellent alternative for all those dreaming of an aristocratic-like bridal look.

Without a doubt, the veil is the most preferred headpiece when it comes to brides. Which will you choose? A short or long veil? Will it be completely embroidered, covered with polka dots or a tulle veil? Whatever your style, the veil is an accessory that you can adjust to your bridal look perfectly!

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