The French are known for their uncompromising, discreet elegance. They only wear what fits their personality, even if fashion trends have moved on. So, if you also want the ”je ne sais quoi” style that french women have, then study the below trés chic bridal looks.

French women want to feel themselves (and not be transformed into someone else) in all occasions, and especially at their wedding. For example, if the future bride is a very athletic type, she might choose a silk skirt with a crop top, so she can feel comfortable. If she’s a hopeless romantic, she would choose a lace dress with a small tail. In any case, they are mostly after simplicity. ”Less is more” is the definitive statement that can be seen in french style, and this is true for their weddings as well.

French brides generally look for easy-going silhouettes; wedding dresses such as slip types, with a loose skirt, in A-line and a small tail are comfortable and often their choice.

For inspiration, like french women do, you should spend some time researching wedding blogs, Pinterest pages and Instagram profiles. Ultimately, the french keep a distance from celebrity trends and influence. They have self-awareness and they know themselves, so they won’t be convinced to wear a fluffy, extravagant wedding dress if it doesn’t match their general style.

You should go for Calais lace, especially for the fabric that will cover your arms or back. Additionally, airy silk crepes or lace-only dresses are the most popular in the country of Love. If you would also like to have a veil, then you should go for something valuable with silk and Calais lace, something that the french usually choose to wear so that they can pass it down to the next generation.

You should feel comfortable in your wedding dress; the same goes for your clothes! This is a rule that seems to be passed down each generation of French women. You should postpone extravagance for carnival season.

Simple, natural, and carefully not-cared for. The french avoid intensely stylised hair, and anything that delivers a ”fake” look.

Anything too expressive should be avoided. Prefer bareback wedding dresses, and items that have delicate finishes that look costly. Generally, refined subtlety is the theme to follow.

Less is more. One of the accessories that they love is the veil, as it gives a magical tone to the dress.

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