This season’s makeup trends emanate a distinctive sense of freshness and coolness, as if emerging from the sea. In most fashion shows, renowned makeup artists used bold new styles, or revived trusty techniques, to focus on cheekbones, eyelashes, and lips. Likewise, we were inspired by these facial features that are prominently showcased.
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Eyelashes are back on stage, with a different outlook this time! Wintery dark shades have passed on the relay baton to lighter blue tones, an alternative colour that brightens your gaze and gives your facial features a sophisticated air. This discovery comes from Chanel in a lighter version, and from Mami in bolder tones, as the blue shadow covers all of the top eyelash, as if it emerges from the sea! It is accompanied by light touches of lip gloss so that the look’s balance is maintained. The Gahlia Lahav fashion house chose a distinct blue eyeliner for its models, while Fendi preferred bolder, more intense geometric lines, and the Missoni house fancied graphic turquoise eyeliner for the top eyelashes.
Tip: This colour is ideal for women with wheat-coloured skin.

Matte makeup products give their place to glossy tones that generate a wet look effect for the face, resurrecting the ‘’no makeup’’ technique that dominated in the 90’s. Starting from the intense wet eyelashes that was chosen by several fashion houses, to an almost colourless (nude) version that was the choice of others, this season’s makeup is fresh above all. With localised corrections to facial imperfections thanks to new concealers, along with modern foundation tones that make the perfect finish easy to achieve, the skin becomes an excellent canvas to elevate your best facial features. Cheekbones, eyelashes, and lips are on the makeup frontlines, since they are the focus of expert artists this season. Strobing offers freshness to the skin, and enhance the face’s youthfulness. A different approach was showcased at Francesco Scognamiglio’s show, where glitter and sequins decorated the skin of the top eyelids to make them appear bolder and sexier.
Tip: Using with fingertips, softly place the mixture to the regions that require modification, and then apply the makeup evenly. If you are looking for an even coverup of the whole face, you can use a makeup brush.

φυσικό μακιγιάζ για νύφες

Although updated and refreshed, fire-red lips (matte or glossy) were an all-time classic choice for this season as well. On the other hand, soft pink or bold fuchsia are also leading actors in the show that master makeup artists put up every summer. Darker, chocolate-coloured lipsticks also made an appearance this year, ‘’dressing’’ lips and making them as sexy and desirable as ever. Juicy orange, purple, lip gloss, and glittery lips also appeared in this year’s catwalks, but the trend that stole the show was half-cleaned lips.
Tip: Makeup artists used the colourblocking technique to achieve this look, by using different shades on the top and bottom lips (e.g.  red lipstick on the top lip and fuchsia on the bottom). They mostly used liquid matte lipsticks, and blurred their edges with a fluffy brush to generate the uncaring look.

If you are a fan of eyeliner and covering eye edges, then this is your year to shine! Many fashion legends chose to bring up the 50’s style: eyeliner starting from the inside corner, following the natural line of the eyelashes. It gradually thickens and stretches to a straight line instead of upwards. Of course, there are designer that prefer a bolder trend, like graphic eyeliner, which was the favourite of Lanvin fashion house. Contemporary eyeliners are very easy to use, and each one highlights its own distinctive spin on the look of your gaze.
Tip: For ease of use, draw the top line first, upwards and outwards. After that, proceed to the inner part of the eyelid, drawing a line at the root of the bottom eyelashes, until the two lines reach each other.

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