Did your partner propose? Now it’s time for the fun part: where you get to share your engagement ring. And by share we mean show off your ring on every social network by following the new frenzy of ring selfies photos! The celebrities do it, so why not you? Just like followινγ certain rules when taking photos, you need to do the same with ring selfies. Therefore, you must follow certain rules to acquire an idyllic result, which will announce your engagement and gather countless likes and comments.

If you want the news of your new engagement to spread like lightning, try something different by setting a romantic setting. Therefore, pay attention to the background that will appear (avoid anything that is excessive because it will divert attention from your ring) and be the protagonists of the shot. Get on the roof top of an apartment building and while they go down on one knee asking you to marry them, tell them to take a selfie with the city as the backdrop. Or take a selfie while holding hands, highlighting the ring and your love.

Go out to the beach, into the city, on the mountains and take a good shot of your engagement ring using natural light. Pay attention to shadows.

Prefer something more spontaneous. Of course, if you want to add a vintage look to your pictures, prefer to apply this with the special effects or filters that the various photo apps now offer.

Placing handwritten captions on the photo, either by writing on your morning cup of coffee, “Do I look engaged with this ring?” Another good idea is to write the phrase ‘bride to be’ on the paper cup of the coffee you buy (where they usually write caramel macchiato)…. Ask someone to photograph you holding the coffee and wearing the ring. Alternatively, cut a piece of paper and write on it ‘I said yes’, hug your partner, and snap a selfie with the sign in the middle.

Regardless of whether they are called selfies, the most successful selfies are not the ones you take by yourself. Others can see things you can’t as you are trying to pose, and they can also take the picture at the same time. It’s a good idea to get you a third person to take a picture while you’re trying to take a selfie with your beloved. Your hand wearing the ring will be front-page while you are trying to press on click; while in the background you will be shown having a tender moment.

So if you are planning to expose your hands to all of your friends, acquaintances and strangers, it is a good idea to present a manicured hand. If your hands are dry and nails are broken, the ring is the last thing anyone will notice or look at.

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