The summer bouquet is cool, emitting a relaxed summery mood, made up of vibrant colours while remaining simple. These are the must-features every summer wedding must have, and it must be represented by the bridal bouquet as well. If you still have not decided on your bridal bouquet, take a look at some ideas we have singled out.

If you want your bouquet to exude elegance, choose roses, dahlias and lilies in pastel shades of pink, peach, white and mint.

wedding bouquet with wildflowers but use dull colours

This is one of the many bouquets that are created with wildflowers but use dull colours. This bouquet fits brides who love nature and want to show it.

The perfect bridal bouquet for bohemian brides is made up with small bold-coloured flowers that look like you have just picked them from the field.

wedding bouquet with wildflowers

Dark purple dahlias, lavender in soft purple and ivory rose buds make up this simple bouquet that suits brides who do not want to be provocative.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη σαν καταρράκτης με φούξια τουλίπες και λευκά τριαντάφυλλα.

One of the hottest bridal bouquets trends is a waterfall shaped bouquet. So let the greenery fall freely like the waters of a waterfall, while at the top of the bouquet place fuchsia tulips and white roses.

wedding bouquet with

Cold blue, peach and dark purple couldn’t be combined in a better way. If you are one of those brides who want to be unique, don’t look any further and choose this bouquet!

καλοκαιρινή γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με βατράχια , πεόνιες και τριαντάφυλλα

A flower bouquet made up of large flowers in bright summer colours (coral must always be in the colour palette of the bouquet), greenery in various sizes and tied in a loose shape.

wedding bouquet with dried flowers

This one is made for Jane Austen or Belle Epoch fans, who adore soft colours. Limit the colours you use to shades of purple, pale pink and white and admire your bouquet as it stands out for its vintage minimal look.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με παιώνιες, τριαντάφυλλα, λίλιουμ και παχύφθτα

Peonies, roses, lilies and whatever flower you love in fuchsia, blue, yellow, and mint shades are a must for this round-shaped bouquet.

colourful wedding bouquet tied with with rope

This bouquet is made up of a variety of flowers (whatever you like as long as they have beautiful and intense colours) tied with with rope, intended for 60’s– 70’s brides (for example, the flower children).

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