They are impressive, irresistible, unique and lively. The colour drip cakes are a fun and funky approach to the traditional wedding cake style, and they look like they have just started to melt!

Therefore, choose a stylish wedding cake that overflows and drips with the most delicious ingredients found on the market (chocolate, caramel, and colourful, sweet ganache) and your guests will be eager to devour it. Take a look at some of the most delicious and imaginative colour drip cakes we’ve found for you.

A drip cake with pink ganache, macaroons, wildflowers and small decorative items. It fits weddings with a bohemian aura.

A silver and white coloured drip cake with a bouquet of flowers in pastel shades as a cake topper.

A golden and pink three levelled drip cake. This is a simple yet glamorous option.

A grey drip cake decorated with forest fruits, macaroons and flower petals.  This choice is ideal for weddings with an artistic mood.

A cake where white ganache flows over an ombre cake. The decoration is completed with flower petals, forest fruits and macaroons.

For chocolate lovers, this chocolate drip cake, decorated with various kinds of chocolates, is a dream come true.

Modelled in autumn colours, this white and orange drip cake that is decorated with blueberries, will add a unique flair to your buffet, especially if the wedding is held in a forest clearing.

If you are vintage Parisian fan, choose a drip cake that combines the colour of mint and chocolate, decorated with pink pastel macaroons and red berries with gold dust.

If you want a pretty cake in pink, then this drip cake in pink and white will add a girly touch to your romantic wedding.

A caramel and white drip cake, with rosemary buds and macaroons. This choice is ideal for exuberant weddings.

For flower lovers, this drip cake that combines the colour of vanilla with pale pink, decorated with large roses, is the ideal choice.

A drip cake that reminds us of a child’s painting with melted chocolate and a white base, and pink-blue meringues that complements the playful scenery on top.

A simple white drip cake decorated with white flowers. This cake is as simple as it gets, making it an ideal choice for beach weddings.

An elegant gold and white drip cake, for minimal weddings that flirt with elegance.

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