If you want your wedding to stand out for its relaxed and carefree style, then decorate it in bohemian style. It is the new trend that creates a unique setting, which even the wandering French artists and intellectuals of the 19th century would be envious of, for whom the term ‘Boho’ was created. Find a beautiful location in a forest clearing and apply the following bohemian touches.

Create your bouquet with a variety of wildflowers, such as anemones, daisies and greenery, as if you’ve just picked them out of the woods.

Since bohemian weddings have to be held outdoors in nature, hang white dream catchers made with handmade crochet embroidery on the trees.

Transform a caravan into a place where your guests will take wedding photos. It will add a hippy bohemian spot to your wedding.

Similar to the wedding dress, the flower girls need to be dressed accordingly using ethereal fabrics, lace details and playful bows.

For dinner you can decorate the wooden tables that are likely to be in the forest you have chosen to stage your wedding.  Wildflowers in handmade jars, fabrics with bohemian motifs as a raven, wooden constructions, thin black candles, clay dishes and bronze cutlery are just a few of the items you can include at the wedding table to create boho-chic effect.

When looking for a wedding dress to wear at your boho wedding you need to keep in mind that it should look ethereal and light. Delicate details with embroidery and lace will also accentuate your bohemian appearance.

A relaxed navy blue suit with a mint-coloured bow tie and a denim-like shirt would fit every bohemian groom like a glove.

Another feature that is inextricably linked to the bohemian style is ethnic carpets. So create a corridor with carpets that will result in a floating flower arrangement under which you will exchange your vows.

What better gift is there to offer your guests at a bohemian wedding than something linked to nature?  You can opt for little pots filled with succulents placed in eco-friendly bags; you could even print a message on the exterior of the bag.

A wooden structure, suspended from a tree, could serve as a buffet for wedding cakes, sweets and drinks. Choose a handmade tablecloth with crochet and wooden decorative logs to complete the picture.

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