What would you opt for, impressive effects, blurred style or sunburned-like pictures? This is when traditional photographic “mistakes” create artistic masterpieces!
The art of photography forever captures your unique wedding moments, as well as your personal photo shooting. For this reason, you should pay extra attention and choose the photographic style that best suits your wedding style and your personality. We have picked the most popular photography trends to get diverse ideas and choose the style that best suits you.

The focus of the camera lens is playful and as a result the pictures remind artistic paintings.  At times focusing on you or other times on the background, the photographer can create unique compositions that will captivate your heart! The blurred technique fits beautifully in photos with an open and wide background as well as pictures that capture details, for example a detail on your wedding dress or your hands.

γαμήλια φωτογράφιση γάμπος
γαμήλια φωτογράφιση νύφη και γαμπρός

If you love unique effects and want your wedding to have a strong element of sensationalism, it would be a good idea to imprint the same theme and element to your wedding pictures as well.  Smoke machines, small handheld fireworks, as well as “rain” created by rose petals or confetti add incredible effects on wedding pictures.

bride and groom with melancholic style photography
bride and groom with
By definition, weddings have nothing melancholic about them, but when it comes to wedding pictures, the melancholic style is incredibly popular amongst couples. The tenderness between the couple and the landscapes create a wonderful realism, from which a touch of melancholy is inevitable making these photographs ever so irresistible!
The shades of gold and pinkish light add a warmth to wedding photographs. It is not a coincidence that this kind of style is also a top trend every year! The sun is undoubtedly your indubitable ally either very early in the morning or just before sunset. Plus, if the colour of your wedding dress is pinkish or goldish, the result is simply magical.
bride and groom wedding photography in gold and pinkish light

Light can become a photographer’s best ally, provided that he knows well how to use it! The sun can add a particular element of sensationalism without having to add any other effect when the photographer focuses on details wants when taking Contre lumier shots!

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