Choosing a photographer is one of the most important parts of organising a wedding, and because it is essential when choosing the right one to know exactly what you want, read the following tips that will make it easier to find the ideal photographer, the one that will capture your big day. However the key to success doe not only lie on how well the photographer will capture your little and big moments, but also on how much fun you are having. This is the most amazing day in your life, a day you will never forget!

Before you start searching for a photographer, take a look at magazines, the internet and blogs, to get an idea of what kind of wedding photos you like. When you have a clearer picture in mind, then you are ready to proceed to the next stage which is choosing the right photographer.

Ask friends and acquaintances or search through the internet (the most trendy ones have websites) to locate the appropriate photographer, that expresses the style you want. However, it is better to book a photographer who was recommended by a reliable friend or even better, find out which photographers to avoid from a reliable source

Do not let yourself be dazzled with photo samples that they will show you. Ask them to show you different types of shoots from different marriages to check the quality and consistency of their work.

You have to know beforehand in which form you want the photos to be delivered: a disc, an album or printed? Create a package according to your wants so as to avoid any last minute hassles.

It is very important to get on well with the photographer, as you will spend the most important – perhaps even the most stressful – day of your life with them. That is why it is best to get to know them in advance; you can even plan a rehearsal, so you feel more comfortable with them.

The two basic shooting styles are: the traditional (posing) and the reporting (unprepared, unplanned etc.). A combination of both is a safe bet, but choose the one that best suits your needs.

Create a list of all group photographs that must be taken. You could even assign some family members to assist in the gathering of people who will be included in the photo. Group photographs are among the most time-consuming procedures; therefore, in this way you will save time and avoid discomfort.

When it comes to group photography and bridal shots it is a good idea to have different kinds of backgrounds in the images. Thus, let your photographer know of some possible locations in advance. In this way your wedding album will be more interesting.

If you come up with a crazy, cute, etc. idea for a photo shoot, do not hesitate to express it. In fact, your wedding pictures should reflect your personality.

If you want to avoid the usual or you are looking for a more affordable solution, then you and your guests can just become the wedding photographers of your wedding. For instance, you can create a # (hashtag) on Instagram e.g. #WedMaria_Kostas2017 and ask your guests to share moments from your wedding there.

Another idea is to use a photobooth, where both you as a couple and guests can take pictures in a fun way. You could then upload the pictures on social media or on the site you created for your wedding.

If you appreciate the retro style, then you could place a polaroid camera at a specific area and ask your guests to take a picture and write their wishes on it.

Most say they are not photogenic. But that is not the issue! Most people look great when they feel relaxed and happy.  Focus on enjoying every minute and let the photographer capture the right moments.

Although it would be better to avoid poses, there are some tips that could help you. When a picture is taken of you, move your chin down slightly and looked towards the camera as if it were something very flattering.

This is the most important of all and will also facilitate the work of the photographer. All those laughs and hugs, even tears and emotions, are what make the day as well as the photos.

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