It is perhaps the most refreshing choice: decorating your wedding tables with fruity centre pieces, that add colour, fill the room with aromas and offer a wonderful look that your guests will love!  Take a look at some ideas…

Pineapples create an exotic, summery effect when used as a centre piece.

Peaches and figs placed in wooden bowls combined with greenery and peach roses create the perfect country look.

This is an elegant centre piece that exudes an autumn mood and palette combining blueberries and blackberries with lovely roses in shades of purple, fuchsia, white and soft pink.

With an exaggerated look, reminiscent of older times, this exuberant centre piece, composed with flowers and fruits (pomegranate, grape, apple), effortlessly draws the attention of all guests.

An aristocratic centre piece made of black grapes and figs, burgundy and pink flowers and bronze vases. A fig tart placed on the plate is a definite must.

A centre piece made up of flowers in full bloom and cherries placed in a golden jar. This idea fits romantic weddings. Do not forget to place a cherry on each of the guest’s plates.

Wooden boxes overflowing with oranges impress everyone due to their lively and bright colour. Place them on a blue runner and use blue, gold and white dinner sets.

At eco-friendly and relaxed weddings, place tea-light candles along the wooden table, fruit and handmade jars with freshly cut flowers.

Create large and excessive centre pieces overflowing with flowers, with colours of passion like dark burgundy, purple and red. Complete the theme by placing a cocktail made of forest fruit on each plate.

Dark peaches placed in wooden boxes, with glass jars filled with flowers, add warmth and cosiness to the table.

Place peaches, as well as flowers in pink and yellow shades, in wooden boxes, which add a springy freshness and liveliness to the centre of the table.

For the conservatives who do not want to part with the idea of using flowers as a centre piece,  you can also include the fruit trend by placing a peach on each plate, which matches the colour of the flowers.

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