How does a wedding look like that combines classic elegance with modern, geometric and bohemian features? The answer to this question is simple. It looks like Panagiotis Savvas’ and Dina Vassiliou Savva’s wedding, which took place on June 23, 2016, on their 13th anniversary just a year after the marriage proposal was made.
A wedding that took place at Prophet’s Ilias Chapel in Oroklini with the breathtaking sunset as a backdrop, filled with memories captured by Rinis13 Photography.
The bride wore a unique Cupid Bridal Gown, while the groom was dressed in a No Name suit.
The couple added their own character to the wedding. Initially, the bride, with the help of a childhood friend, organized and decorated the wedding. From there onwards, the wedding favors, given at the wedding dinner, carried the couple’s identity all over them: the groom, as a beer specialist, chose the beer and the bride as a graphic designer, designed the bottles label. Result: a bottle of beer for each guest, packed in a paper box. The beer which was offered was a Cypriot product, bottled in Prime’s microbrewery by Mad Pan-Beer Project.

The unique wedding drip cakes were created by New York Sweets, while the loukoumia were ordered from Vienna Boutique – Cake Gallery. The decoration was made up of unique handmade, triangular, abstract, rose-gold constructions that added a modern touch to the wedding, with lovely white flowers inside. There were also magnificent light curtains, tea light candles and vintage decorations that added a nostalgic mood.

Another highlight was the quality drinks offered; the couple are the owners of Barrel House (Larnaca) and so they honoured their guests with excellent cocktails.






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